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Articles on Human Resource, HR Principles, Hiring Practices, Compensation Plans & Interpersonal Skills

The HR or Human Resource Department is one of the most important in any organisation. The HR personnel are entrusted with the important tasks of hiring new employees for the organization, firing under-performing employees, taking care of any work / company policy related issues that may crop up from time to time as well as motivating and retaining the existing employees, among other responsibilities.

Under this section, you will find some insightful and informational HR related articles written by some experienced HR executives as well as HR Article Writers. Topics covered through the collection of articles listed here include Employee Motivation Techniques, Interpersonal skills, Tools for Employee Retention, Work Cultures, Competency enhancement, Selecting New Employees, Devising Sales Compensation plans and the prevailing trends in the current HR industry, etc.

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Articles on Employee Motivation, Retention & Other HR Issues - Tips for Working Professionals

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