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Happy Employees are Valuable Assets - Best Places to Work - Workplaces Companies - India, USA

Individuals want to join an organisation where they can learn, grow and move up the ladder of success. 

The next time you hear someone say - "I love my work and I love where I work!" make sure to ask them why they feel that way.

Probably due to some of the obvious Reasons -

  • Their ideas and opinions matter.

  • They trust the people they work for.

  • The Management listens to them and involves them in decision making.

  • They share a good rapport with the management.

  • They are give regular feedback regarding their work and performance - Appreciation for work well done and opportunities for improvement.

  • They attend regular training sessions that keeps them abreast with the latest developments in their industry.

  • All team members are treated as equals. Bonus, recognition and salary hikes are given to those who genuinely deserve it.

  • Their boss trusts them and their abilities. They have an open hand to make decisions, try different things.

  • The work culture in their office is very different from an "All work and no play" scenario. Besides working hard, they get to enjoy fun activities, every once in a while - such as quizzes, contests, etc.


Though all of us have our own definition of an ideal work place, I think we can all agree that a great place to work is one where employers believe in our work and our abilities.

Over the years, more and more companies in India and USA are changing the way they treat their employees. This is why, the number of employees who are happy with the Company they work for is gradually increasing.

Here is a list of some Companies that are preferred work places in India and USA

  India Industry
  Sapient -

Information Technology - IT Consulting

  JW Marriott, Mumbai -  Hospitality - Hotel/Resort
  Dabur India Ltd  FMCG
  Intel Technologies India Pvt Ltd - Information Technology
  GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited - FMCG
  Cadbury India ltd - FMCG
  Mindtree Consulting Pvt. Ltd -  
Information Technology - Software
  Godrej Consumer Products Limited -  
Manufacturing & Production - Personal and Household goods
  Starbucks - Retail - Food/Grocery
  Microsoft -  Information Technology
  Genentech - Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals - Biotechnology
  Whole Foods Market - Retail - Food/Grocery
  American Century Investments- Financial Services & Insurance - Investments
  SAS Institute -  
Information Technology - Software
  Marriott International - Hospitality - Hotel/Resort 
  Nike -   Retail - Clothing


Every company should make positive changes in the way they treat their employees because good employee-employer relationship leads to increased job satisfaction. Companies with a positive work culture notice that their employees stay with them for a longer time, reducing the turnover rate. Happy employees work hard and contribute to the company's profits.

Courtesy : Great Places to Work Institute Inc, of the USA

Researched & compiled by: Akanksha is a freelance Web Content Writer. She writes articles and web site content on a variety of topics. [email protected] 

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