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How to Effectively Work in a Group?

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How to Become a Good Team Member

In almost every walk of life, there is a need to function as a part of a team – whether it’s at home with family members, in school or college or at work with colleagues. Just as a pearl necklace breaks into pieces even if one pearl in the string breaks, a team too becomes non-functional even if one member in the team fails to perform.

Working in a team calls for a certain degree of discipline and commitment. Only when all the members of a team work in complete harmony with one another, can a team function well and meet its objectives.

How to Become an Efficient and Responsible Team Player?


Know your Responsibilities

As a team member, you must understand your responsibilities towards your team and take full charge of that task. Remember, as a team player, you are answerable to other members of your team for the success or failure of your task.

Learn to Adapt – Change is the only constant in life. Hence, you must possess the skill to adapt to fast changing situations and function well in all scenarios.

Participate actively in all Team Activities – Make an effort to be actively involved in all team activities, be it brainstorming and generation of new ideas, discussions on future plans and implementation of these plans.

This will help you to create a significant place for yourself in the team.


Prove your Commitment – As a team member, you will get numerous opportunities to prove your 100% commitment towards the team and contribute positively to the success of your team. Don’t let any of these opportunities pass you by.

Learn to Listen to & Cooperate with others

The very word “Team” refers to a group of people with complimentary skills, working together to achieve a common goal. As a dependable team player, you must possess the ability to listen to other peoples’ point of view even if it is different from your own and reach the best decision possible.

Team’s Best Interest at Heart – Be loyal to your team come what may. Your goals should match the team’s goals and objectives. Only then can your team become successful.

Be Approachable, Friendly & Pleasant – To work well in a team, you must develop a positive frame of mind and have a pleasant and friendly outlook towards all your peers and team members.

As you move up the corporate ladder, you will realise just how important it was to learn to function well as a team.

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