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- Human Resource Dissatisfaction
- Breakdown of Communication Network (internal in an organisation)
- Attitude Problem (persistent among employees)

Aren’t there issues many of the organizations facing today? And these issues will rock your organization sooner or later either in a big way or in parts if care is not taken.


To solve / cater to these three main problems, There is now a focused solutions. A Employee Delight for internal customers. Yes you guessed it right it is an off shoot of customer delight. “Delighted customers are those where you anticipate their needs; provide solutions to them before they ask and where you are observing to see if new and/or additional expectations are about ready to be required”

We tweak this definition to suit the HR scenario today

Delighted employees are those where you anticipate their needs, provide solutions/ support to them before they ask and where you are observing to see if new and/or additional expectations are about ready to be required.

In other words, Human Resource Delight refers to a state wherein the employee feels that in the job he is doing he has applied his mind and heart out to it and always endeavours to improvise.

After all employees (human resources) is the most important internal customer for any organization, and the HR department must take it upon them to delight their customers (read: employees)

Just simply providing solutions when they ask for it isn’t good enough. It misses the opportunity to provide the rewards!

When you create "WOW" you have bought a very special corner in the memory of the employee that is easy to recall. It creates the possibility of the employee telling the story about their "WOW" experience to many peers, superiors and subordinates. It creates the free advertising that you can't place a momentary value to. This kind “buy in” cannot be achieved by any number of forums. It is like letting your deeds to do the “talking” (read: selling).

Here are 10 Steps That Will Help You Get Delighted Employees


Step 1 Find out in advance find out what they want and expect? This is to say that “anticipate’ their needs.

Step 2 Ask yourself “How easily are we available how easy are we to deal with?” So many times we get the basics wrong. Remember the times when you said “I’ll get back” and then did not…. Well yes such small things do make a lot of difference.

They also get bugged they way you get when your mobile service provider does the same thing to you.

Step 3 Stop organizing things for them because it forms a part of you KRA, see things from their point of view, see if they actually need it, or is it just your feeling that they do.

Step 4 Don’t dump your “creative ideas” on them try to sell it to them. This will ensure that the objective is met with far better results. Imagine a sales person saying “this energy drink is good for you so have it”… remember your reaction, you thought “who is he to tell me what good for me”... Instead if the guy had laid out the benefits of the drink and “sold” it’s usefulness you would have bought it and kept buying it when he was not around. Same thing applies to every new policy or training program; you have to make employees believe it’s for their good and trust me you can’t do it by just saying that it is.

Step 5 Get feedback from your “customers”. Ask them “where do your think that we are going wrong” how we could improve?” How can we exceed your expectation?” e-mail them, call them. Find out what they really think… this helps in selling your self to the employees once you have done it, you don’t have to think about selling your services consider it done….

Step 6
Please act on the feed back; in case you don’t have plans to do so then it is better not to collect the feedback. Because by taking the feedback you are raising their expectations at-east to the level wherein they expect to see some efforts from your side to do some thing with the feed back.

Step 7 Identify ways to delight your employees. Things which delighted them yesterday might not delight them today. Motivators change to satisfiers in no time. So you have to constantly think of newer and better things. If last time you sent a bouquet on their birthday this time when he comes to office personally greet him with the bouquet.

Step 8
If you look carefully you’ll find people in your department who are already doing all these, REWARD them RECOGNIZE their contribution. That is a sure way of spreading the behaviour.

Step 9 This step really helps… for one day put your self in their shoes and see how long it takes to process a loan, apply for a training program, get a salary advance, to process the employee referral... or simply how long does it take to get he concerned person’s attention.. this will be a real eye opener.

Step 10 This is pretty simple, once you have done all these go back to the step one and start all over again. Remember the key lies at anticipating their wants/ expectations. So this can NOT if a one off exercise…

Try it once the result will definitely pay for the efforts you put many times over…

Contributing  Writers: Sajiri Chidgupkar & Monimoy Sen Gupta, HR Students - IMED ( Bharti Vidyapeeth University) [email protected]

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