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The Current Demand of Talent

Starting 2013, the situation which we have perceived within the labour market has had significant variants in comparison with previous years, where sectors as well as the professional areas have presented a great mobility not only in terms of number of vacancies offered but also a difference from those who have experienced in this beginning of the year.

A significant quantity of requirements is also high demanded by contributors who have specialized training per sectors in areas such as research and development in the industrial and pharmaceutical sector; information technologies highlighting the belonging to the social networks field; integrators of activities related with improvement, saving and generation of energy; and within banking and financial services sector is looking for seedbed creation that responds to the changes that will be happening in the global economy.

It should be noted that due to the current demand to obtain immediate results within the profiles required by organizations is growing the importance of financial training that allows to the contributor be able to manage the budget belonging to their area, considering the company in a global vision, and in the same direction be capable to hold important negotiation skills whereas cost-benefit balance is involved.


According to our experience during the first stage of the year, the most representative changes reflect the functional area in which today are being made more movements are mainly, the Finance area, followed by Human Capital, however which continue to have a greater number of vacancies are those belonging to the Commercial area, without leaving aside the search of strengthening the Operations area.

In this year, companies have generated new positions according with the current employment situation, which has allowed gestating new horizons in which candidates continue their professional development, in such a way that the synergy of workforce and organizations allow taking on the new challenges required to spotlight in today's market. For the managing level we found that the trend leans to the innovation profile preference.


This new Professional is sued with the particular purpose of transforming the business into the affinity of the current environment, that is capable of increasing the development of business and the promotion of the activity of the company in a global level in response to the dynamism introduced into the global economy.

In addition, the fact that the candidate has an innovative, entrepreneurial profile and its suitable to permeate those qualities to his team is very appreciated, because most of the organizations to which we are witnessing are looking for a quick restructure results within a prominent system of processes.
But, regardless of the type of strategy employed, whether concerned attract talent by technological processes or through headhunting, competencies and skills that spell out the ideal candidate profile tend to be matching in ways that will make the differentiator between applicants, which are directed to emphasize in:

Management and leadership ability - Allows to launch guidelines to the group so that motivates and efficient achievement of objectives.
Communication and interpersonal skills - Determines the possibility of better and longer lasting relationships with customers as well as internal and external
Adaptability - Leads to properly associate within the structure of an organization, adapting to organizational culture gently
Languages - Knowledge of foreign languages, English predominantly by its presence in the business world.

Furthermore, every profession in the world of work requires different skills; there are certain preferences in competences within the requirements requested by the organizations. These represent a better work performance coupled with the skills, experience and knowledge of professionals among which are those related to teamwork, commitment to the business, experience and push in global markets, sustained within a specific sector.

The search for talent focuses people possessing greater number of features that enable better performance within the organization, manifesting characteristics of self-control, responsibility, flexibility, maturity, initiative, pro activity and future vision, capable to deal with complex situations and solve them together with his team.

Finally it is worth mentioning that is important to the large number of professionals who compete for the same post to be prepared in the key points that differentiate the choice of the finalist candidate. When looking for a new job, it is important to do a self assessment and analyze the competencies and skills that we have to empower the most. And if there were some underdeveloped area, it will be the right time to start working on our professional growth.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer. is not responsible for the independent views of the writer.

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Contributing Writer: Ingrid Charles is an International Account Consultant at Certé Consultants. Her headhunter experience includes over 10 years performing into executive search management positions in different regions around the world in sectors inside of which include manufacturing, oil gas, consumer goods, pharma, chemical, information technologies and entertainment.
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