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Crayon Box Tale - A Short Poem


Some are black, some are white, some are brown and some are pink,

Yet they all live together side by side in harmony.

Some are employed most of the time, while others wait patiently for their turn,

Yet they all have equal status in the bigger scheme of things.

Some are downright blunt and one or two are a little on the sharp side,

Yet they all know the role they have to fulfill.

Some are pretty, and some have strange names,

Yet each one is totally unique.

On their own, they can be quite dull and insignificant,

But together they can create a masterpiece.

There’s a lot that we can learn

from crayons in a box.


We can very well relate & draw parallels with team work as we display this while working either at office or home. Another point which we can be highlighted & accentuated is the importance of appreciating differences in order to create a harmonious & conflict free environment.

“We can be an individual and still part of a bigger whole.”

Contributed By:  Sunanda Anubhav Arora I am a behavioural & soft skills trainer working with a CSC, Noida. I have been into this profession from last 8 years & I am a certified Trainer from the US. I have contributed few of my articles in "The Statesman " & I have started writing from the age of 16. [email protected]

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