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Corrupt Practices in the Recruitment Industry

The corporate sector in India has been changing with times. It has become more technology driven. Cost cutting has become the mantra of all industries. Downsizing has become a kind of a norm to stabilize things. Mergers & acquisitions have become very common. But we also see a lot of corrupt practices within the corporate sector.

It is less compared to the Government sector in our country, but corruption has co-existed along with the good things in the Private Sector also. Being from the recruitment industry, I would like to share some of the corrupt practices which are taking place here. These are experiences shared by my recruiter and consultant friends.

We would like to educate people and eradicate the corrupt practices which are taking place in the industry.


- Recruiters share requirements with consultancies and get profiles from them. When the candidate is selected through the consultancy, they donít inform them so that they donít have to pay for the consultancy invoices.

- Recruiters are paid money by consultancies to close on the profiles provided by them to meet their requirements. The consultancies are also to blame because they encourage such activity to get more business.

- The consultancies are taking money from the candidates by providing them with assurances of a job in a good company. They take a good amount of money. This is happening more with freshers passing out from colleges.

- Lots of consultancies are providing fake experience certificates and relieving letters so that the candidate gets better opportunities with less or no experience.


- The candidates who come with recommendations sometimes do not clear the aptitude or technical test. In these cases, the recruiters provide answer sheets to these recommended candidates so that they can clear these tests. There are also cases where the recruiter takes the tests for these candidates.

- Recruiters also sometimes share the aptitude or technical test papers with candidates before they come for the interview. The recommended candidates are taken to their favorite panel members so that the candidates are selected. Everyone gets a share of the money.

- Recruiters sometimes take the technical panel members into confidence so that their candidates get selected easily. Birds of a feather, flock together.

- Recruiters often resort to favouritism if the candidate is from their own city or state. The regionalism factor does exist. If the candidate is beautiful or handsome, the chances of them getting picked is brighter by the opposite sex. Recruiters are also human.

- Recruiters along with their HR team form groups and indulge in such corrupt practices.

We need to stay away from these corrupt practices if we want to build a better society in the future. The same is expected from the Corporate Industry. With no corruption, we can expect to improve the quality and earn higher profits for the industry.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer. is not responsible for the independent views of the writer.

Contributing Writer: Pankaj Sinha, working as an HR Executive for R Systems International Ltd in Chennai since 2 years. I am also a published author of the book 'Call Center & Recruitment Manual' by Bright Publications. [email protected]

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