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Challenges Faced in the Field of Recruitment

As recruiters in the Human Resources department for an IT Company, we get to face a lot of diversified challenges through the course of our work. The biggest challenge is to find the right quality candidate for any position. For a mid level or smaller organization, it becomes tougher to find quality candidates. In India, Engineering Education has become more of a joke and shame. Ninety percent of the candidates passing out of these engineering colleges are not up to the mark as compared to the Industry standards. The quality of candidates is very poor. They do not have proper, basic communication skills or written skills. Let us not even talk about their technical skills.

Leaving IITs, IIMs & a few other colleges, the quality and standard of education in our country is not up to the mark. How can we expect the industry to grow to the next level with such work force? We need major changes in our technical education system. Engineering colleges need to understand the needs of the industry. The technologies are changing every year. There are new advanced technologies coming up. There is a need to constantly update the syllabus year after year. Engineering schools do not give much importance to the soft skills of a student. Good soft skills have become an urgent need of the industry. We need people who can interact well with our clients and customers.


The problem doesn’t stop with only freshers coming out of these engineering colleges. The experienced people are also not updating themselves. A lot of people do not even research about the company where they are going for an interview. This shows how much they are interested in the job. The passion for the job is clearly lacking. In IT industry especially, seventy five percent of the people lack passion for their jobs. They are more interested in monetary rewards or opportunities abroad.

Needless to say, passion for your job is very important. This will keep you motivated in your work and bring in a lot more ideas within you regarding your work. It will also help you in your career, the organization and the industry. We need to think big to achieve big. The number of students graduating is large but where is the quality? As a recruiter, we still need quality candidates for our requirements. We need to search for some bright spots.

The Industry has become bigger and the competition has risen. Candidates also generally have 2 or 3 offers in their hands. There are chances of candidates dropping out the offer at the last moment. There is constant pressure. Despite your regular follow ups, the candidate may join some other organization. You cannot have back up resources for all your requirements. This becomes a very challenging situation.


Another common situation is when the new employee doesn’t perform up to company expectations. In private companies, it is perform or perish. Today, life goes by Darwin’s theory ‘Survival of the Fittest’. The corporate industry is like a jungle. You cannot take your job for granted otherwise you will be taken for granted in life. It is not necessary; you may have all the skills required for the job. But you can always work hard towards learning those skills. Show interest to learn new things. Try to adapt to new environment and be more flexible.


Finally, there are a lot of candidates coming up with fake experiences in their resume and also fake pay slips & bank statements. Most organizations do background verifications for their employees. The truth will finally come out. It is no use showing fake experience, you will have a red mark in your career.

If there is a will to get into the right job of your liking, there will be a way. You can learn some new skills and work hard on your soft skills. Initially you may get a job in a small organization, but that can be a stepping stone to your success. The dishonest candidates with no ethics will be of no value to any organization. The recruitment field has many challenges but that makes it a very interesting career option too.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer. is not responsible for the independent views of the writer.

Contributing Writer: Pankaj Sinha, working as an HR Executive for R Systems International Ltd in Chennai since 2 years. I am also a published author of the book 'Call Center & Recruitment Manual' by Bright Publications. [email protected]

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