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How To Build an Engaged Workforce?

You must be really surprised with the high attrition in your organization despite paying such good packages and must be wondering that why the competitors are not facing the same. The scenario has completely changed and itís no longer the good package that builds up a committed workforce.

The employee longs for much more than the just the salary that he takes home. The concept that plays a very important role in todayís scenario is Employee Engagement

So what is Employee Engagement?

Itís the psychological commitment of the employees to the assigned task. It means that how well an employee relates himself to his work, how dedicated the employee is towards his work and so on.


The primary behaviors of engaged employees are

  • speaking positively about the organization to coworkers, potential employees and customers,

  • having a strong desire to be a member of the organization,

  • exerting extra effort to contribute to the organizationís success.

The association of the candidate with the organization begins from the day when heís given the offer letter.

  • The candidate should be made feel that he is a new member in the family. The time lag between the joining date and the offer letter should be well managed by the HR.

  • A New Year mail or birthday card though seem to be a very small thing but it really has an impact.

  • A new entrant must feel welcomed it does not call for standing at the entrance and greeting him with a garland. What we are talking about is that before the actual joining of the entrant a proper seat and all the essentials that he needs for carrying out his task should be made available.

  • There should be proper structured inductions, which make the employee fully aware of the environment heís entering into. Thus it can be said that the task of getting your employees engaged begins from Day 1 Now after our first day initiative lets sets see that what are the essentials that makes the workforce engaged.

  • The employees must be fully clear with what is expected out of him unless and until he knows what the organization expects out of him he wont be able to give his 100%.

  • Unless and until the boss lends the helping hand whenever the subordinate needs it donít expect your workforce to be engaged The materials and the equipments those are essential for carrying out the task by the employees should be provided to them.

  • The peers should be supportive enough and the whole team should function efficiently. The employees should be informed at a regular interval about their performances and due arrangements should be made which help them overcome their loopholes.

  • Fair and appropriate reward, recognition and incentive systems it increase the trust of the employees in the management and thus adding to the motivation and the level of commitment towards the organization

Besides the above listed one many other factors might be affecting the engagement level depending on the particular business requirement. Donít forget upon the birthday bashes, annual functions and other small - small events that add to the motivation level of the employees and give them a good break from their hectic work life. The employee engagement requires a two-way relationship between the employer and the employee.

Do listen to the ideas of the employees and acknowledge them it really adds to their morale and the confidence level.
Work upon the engagement process and see wonders happening in your organization. It will really make a difference try it out. 

Contributing Writer:  Nidhi Gulati is pursuing MBA (HR) from IMED, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. Email: [email protected]

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