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The Earth Spa by Six Senses Wins Top Design Awards


For Immediate Release

Bangkok, June 2006: The Earth Spa by Six Senses, at Evason Hideaway Hua Hin, has been announced Winner in the Hotel or Day Spa Design category at a ceremony in New York. The event was sponsored by Hospitality Design Magazine. The Earth Spa by Six Senses also received the Judges Award for Green Design.


The Earth Spa by Six Senses is unlike any other spa. It is made entirely from a mixture of clay-like mud mixed with rice husks, straw and other local materials, forming circular domed buildings set over 1,386 square meters (14,920 square feet) of water and landscaping. There are nine buildings in all, with the tallest – the meditation cave - being 7.5 metres (24.5 feet) high with 4.2 metres (13.8 feet) internal diameter. The walls of the Earth Spa buildings are up to 80cm (31 inches) thick.

The earth domes - which appear to be floating on water - are designed with openings low to the outside, allowing refreshing breezes and energy flows to enter the buildings.

Openings at the top of each building provide natural ventilation. The complex includes four treatment rooms with private outdoor Jacuzzi, two steam rooms, the meditation cave, relaxing area offering fresh juices, and the reception area.

Many of the ingredients used in the treatments are grown right at the Evason Hideaway. These include rice, coconut, avocado, papaya, lime, aloe vera, cucumber, pandanus leaf, lemongrass, ginger, galangal, candlenut and turmeric; and all freshly harvested. A complimenting menu of balanced cuisine has being introduced to the Living Room at the Evason Hideaway. Spa treatments may be followed with food prepared to further enhance their benefits. For example, detoxifying treatments that utilize ingredients in the Earth Spa’s skin food, will also be incorporated in the Living Room lunch dishes.


The initial concept of the Earth Spa came from the traditional construction methods of rural villages in northern Thailand, where building interiors remain at a comfortable temperature, even in summer. Six Senses worked with one community, and a Feng Sui master to design and adapt the classic forms to a spa function.

Building the clay domes was the task of experts from Wongsanit Ashram’s Baan Din project – a community based non-profit organization established in 1985 as an intentional community for simple living and for engaging in social action and spiritual practice. Clay from nearby areas, plus the labor of the local Pranburi people, made the revolutionary new-concept spa a reality. The buildings are a design feature created by the Six Senses project team in collaboration with Bangkok-based dwp cityspace ltd.

This spa project has achieved an holistic integration of green design, aesthetics, involvement of local community and knowledge transfer from one geographical region to another. The project has also helped raise ecological awareness within the local community, who have become very proud of these earth domes. The legacy has also resulted in some of the local community adopting similar building techniques for their own homes.

Courtesy: Six Senses Resorts & Spas

Six Senses is a Resort and Spa Management and Development Company established in 1995, which manages properties under the brand names Soneva, Evason, Evason Hideaways and Six Senses Spas Soneva is committed to offer luxuries of the highest international standard in an environment that nurtures the indigenous feel in design, architecture and service; fusing nature with guest experiences to create – Intelligent Luxury Evason Hideaway identifies the boutique category of the Evason brand, where attention to detail and focus on the reality of the destination together with modern architecture support the theme – Innovative Style.

Evason offers a greater number of accommodations than Evason Hideaways, while maintaining individual design personalities, generous architectural proportions and spirited guest experiences, supporting the theme – Redefining Experiences Six Senses Spas, a key element of all Six Senses properties, offer a wide range of holistic wellness, rejuvenation and beauty treatments for ‘Balancing Senses”, administered under the guidance of expert therapists.

For further information please contact: Six Senses Resorts & Spas  Marketing Department [email protected]


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