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Make Your Kitchen More Organised - Space Saving & Rearranging Ideas for Your Kitchen


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Organize your Kitchen & Kitchen Space

The kitchen is as much an essential part of the home as any other room. No matter how big or small it may be it makes sense to spend a little time in organizing the kitchen space. After all, a well planned and organized kitchen can save a lot of time and make life simpler while cooking.

If you have a compact kitchen, it is best to plan out what goes where so that there is no wastage of space. Whether you are in the process of building a new kitchen or in the mood to totally reorganize your kitchen space, these tips will be handy -

  • Kitchen Cabinets -

Invest in a medium to large sized cabinet that will provide enough storage space for your utensils, cutlery, etc. If you prefer tailor-made kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc. that meet your specific requirements, bring in professionals who can deliver custom made cabinets just for you. Cabinets can be set up at the base level or an elevation by fitting them into walls. Easy access is a must for each member of the family so pay attention to the ideal spacing of kitchen cabinets. Remember, the secret to a functional kitchen is proper planning and using space saving techniques.

  • Drawers & Shelves - While planning your kitchen area, make sure you keep enough room for spacious drawers and shelves to store cutlery, extra reserves of cereal, pulses, etc. Invest in a wall shelf with pegs that can be attached to the wall and used to hang aprons, tongs, oven gloves, etc.

  • Decide what goes where - Place your utensils, glassware, and plastic items separately. Kitchen gadgets like microwave / oven, dishwasher, and fridge etc. need enough space. Plan out their placement keeping in mind ease of use and access. It is always a good idea to use one of the drawers for storing table mats, napkins and extra tissues, etc. making it easy to locate them when in a hurry.

  • Labeling Items – It is good practice to label the containers of pulses, spices, cereals, etc. in the kitchen so that you can locate each item easily. Doing so is an excellent idea, especially when there are a lot of family members. Moreover, shelves and drawers can also carry labels such as ‘Cutlery’, ‘Reserves’, etc. so that every member of the family knows what is where.

  • Grocery List – Get into the good habit of maintaining a grocery list so that you know what it is you need to buy once you reach the market. Keep a writing pad and pen handy in your kitchen and ask all family members to put down their requirements for the week. Such a list will help you to keep your kitchen well stocked with all the necessary items of use and simplify your shopping responsibilities.

  • Exhaust System / Proper Lighting - Pay attention to the exhaust system in your kitchen. A well-ventilated kitchen is always a pleasure to work in. The kitchen should be well lighted using high power bulbs, etc. Make sure cabinets or appliances do not block the windows. Natural light should be welcomed at all times.

  • Maintaining Cleanliness – Good hygiene is a pre-requisite for healthy cooking, and this is why it is imperative to keep cleanliness in your kitchen space. After cooking each meal, clean the kitchen surfaces, the stove and the sink area, etc. with a clean wipe. The kitchen dusters, mops, and wipers should be washed and dried properly after use. The fridge and other appliances should be clean as well.

Remember: Your kitchen windows should be void of heavy drapes. Keep away other fabrics from your kitchen. A little bit of forward thinking and care can help you to maintain a clean and inviting kitchen. Get ready to cook in style!

Contributing Author:  Akanksha is a freelance Web Content Writer and Web designer. She enjoys writing Home Improvement Articles. Get in touch with her at [email protected]


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