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Creating Illusions in an Interior

"Illusion" is to show something different out of the original, and it plays a vital role in design and decorations of any space. If you have a small room you can make it look spacious through illusion. There are different types of illusions as:


Illusion Through Colour:

This is a very famous technique that if you paint the walls in lighter tone the walls seem to go away from you thus giving a spacious look, on the other hand dark colour on walls gives a small look. This is very interesting, as the size of the room remains the same but an illusion of a bigger space is created.

Similarly if there is a long corridor in any building you can make it short by painting the end wall in dark colour as per your colour scheme.

Similarly floor should be in light colour too. You can use dark and bright colour in accessories to break the monotony of lighter tones.

Illusion Through Texture

Use maximum of smooth texture, as silk for fabric, glass for walls, and glazed tiles for floors. Sometimes you can also use a blend of smooth and rough i.e medium texture.

Illusion Through Design


In order to give spacious look, use small patterns in fabric or the fabric should be with a self print, i.e the print in the same colour of the fabric.

Similarly if you want to use wall papers, and at the same time want to increase the width of the wall through illusion, use a wall paper of design having horizontal strips. And in order to increase the height of the room, use a design with vertical strips.

Illusion Through Objects

A very common example is that of mirrors. If you want to increase the depth of the room, cover one small wall with a mirror from floor to ceiling, but always keep in mind that the mirror should be without any frame. This is a very common practice for a small shop.

At the same time place light weight furniture in the room as wrought iron or furniture made with more glass and less wood, or wooden furniture without any carved designs. 

Author:  Humera ehsan, Architect & Interior Design Teacher [email protected]

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