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Home is Where the Heart is

For most people, there is no place like home especially after a tiring day at work. Others would vouch for the fact that even when on a vacation for just a few days, they tend to miss the comfort and familiarity of their abode.

It is a proven fact that the environment around us mainly affects the kind of mood we are in. Relaxed, clean and comfortable surroundings make us feel happy and content while cluttered, untidy and badly furnished spaces can make us sad, depressed and unhappy.

Here are a few simple tips and ideas on home decor and home improvement which can help you to make your home more comfortable, relaxing and inviting - after all, Home Is Where The Heart Is.

  • Home Decor Themes

    There are no strict rules to follow when choosing a décor and theme for your home. Your living space should reflect your personality and your individual taste and only then can it be called a real home. There is a lot you can do when it comes to doing up your home

Experimenting with different styles for different rooms can be a very satisfying experience as it gives you the opportunity to display your personal style.

Here are some home décor ideas and looks that you can choose from -

Wooden furniture such as chairs, wooden tables, decorative panelling and flooring are an excellent option if you like the look and feel of good quality wood.

Home furnishings in greens & browns with reminders of nature in the form of potted plants, fountains, pebble display tabletops, etc. are an absolute must for nature lovers.

Delicately shaped and intricately designed Wrought Iron furniture pieces add a simplistic and modern look to any living space. Add to this decorative wrought iron curtain rod, wall hooks, mirrors, etc.

Comfortable furniture with low beds, sofas, soft rugs, bunk beds and cushions in warm / pastel colours are suitable for those who like a relaxed and laid back look.


Ethnic theme is liked by many as it offers a lot of choice in furnishings. Hand embroidered cushion covers, Indian motifs, handicraft items; wall hangings, etc. add a beautiful look to the living space.

Durable cane furniture combined with soft cushions and padding for extra comfort is another choice.

Colour coordinated furnishings that match the furniture and wall colours. For example, for your living room, you can pick orange and brown as the theme colour and invest in curtains, rugs, table covers, carpets, center table decorative pieces that sport different shades and combinations of orange and brown.   

Lighting Your home should be well lighted with easy access to natural lighting as well. Invest in high-quality light fixtures that accentuate the beauty of each room - chandeliers, ceiling light fans, suspended lights, etc. – there are numerous options available in the markets today.

Pleasant Entrances The main entrance of your home as well as the entry points of all other rooms should be welcoming and friendly. You can hang wind chimes and keep small potted plants, figurines, statues, etc. to make the entrances beautiful.

Feel Good Items Pleasant memories and thoughts are always good to have. Decorate your house with simple but reassuring items such as personal photos in frames / picture collage, aromatic candles, soft lamps with rounded shades, etc.

Freshness Vases with fresh flowers, well maintained potted plants add freshness to any house.

Simplistic Furniture Don't keep more than you can handle. Always opt for comfortable, light-weight furniture that is easy to move around rather than bulky, overwhelming pieces. Try not to keep the furniture facing the walls.

Spacious Interiors Furnish your home tastefully. Keep passageways and halls clear of any obstacles. Make sure to switch off appliances when not in use.

Remember, a home should be comfortable with a lived-in feel to it rather than a cramped, impersonal museum! 

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