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Select a Theme for Your Home

Many people spend large amounts of money shopping for decor items for their living space. After all, the living space should be comfortable, homely and refreshing & should reflect the personality of the people living there. What is important is to select a suitable theme for your home. And the best part, decorating and doing up your home is now easier than you think, thanks to a plethora of home decoration items and a large number of decor & Home furnishing brands crowding the markets.

There are a number of different home decor themes that you can choose from. Here are some tips -

Decor Themes - Select a theme with which you can identify the most -

If you have a favourite color, you can use it as a base theme for your home / living room decor.

For EG: If orange is a colour you like, you can play with different shades of orange, gold, & yellow. Select orange curtains, gold cushion covers, bright carpets and wallpapers in shades of orange, red, yellow & gold.

  • Wood, Go the Natural Way -

Simplistic wooden chairs & lightweight wooden furniture in golden tones of natural wood can match wooden flooring splendidly. Mahogany, Walnut, Teak, the choices are extensive.

This simplistic look is very airy, matter of fact and well balanced.  

  • Nature, be one with the most natural form of beauty  If you enjoy being a part of nature, bring it into your homes. Select earthy colors and shades of browns, greens, etc. for your home furnishings. To remind yourself of nature in its varied forms, select add-ons for your living room such as the Aquarium, Glass tabletop with small pebbles on display, etc. Play around the room with small potted plants, indoor ponds, beautiful bowls with rose petals floating in them, etc.

It is a perfect choice for those of you who like constant reminder of nature.

  • Comfort, among all other things - If you want your home to be your comfort zone, make it cozy and graceful.

Select linen in your favourite colors. Choose light pastel shades, pinks, lilacs, greys, whites, rose, etc. Invest in a soft and cozy couch, soft rugs and comfortable chairs.

A rocking chair is a great buy too!

Remember, it is okay for your home to represent you. You can make it comfortable while maintaining its elegance.

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