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Summer Furnishings, Choice of Colors in Carpets, Rugs & Bed Spreads

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Tips for Keeping your Home Cool this Summer


The summer months in countries like India can be very difficult to bear, what with the mercury shooting up uncontrollably. It is an ordeal especially for those people who need to be outdoors for long hours.

When at home, it is up to you to furnish your home in such a way so as to keep the heat out as much as possible. Small changes can make a big difference in keeping your home and your mind cool this summer. After all, your surroundings play a big role in the way you feel.

Follow these simple tips that can help you to keep your home cool this summer -

  • Light and Airy - Make your home as light as possible. Invest in some thin and sheer curtains that look beautiful, provide privacy and keep the room cool. Heavy, synthetic drapes are a no-no in the summer months. Beautiful cotton drapes in bold patterns and bright colors look good.

  • Cool Colors - Furnish your home in calm and soothing colors. Use bed sheets and pillow cases in colors like white, crème, yellow, blue, orange, etc. Bedspreads and tablecloths in vibrant patterns and flowery prints create an airy and relaxed atmosphere in the summer months.

  • Simplicity - Put away all your dark and thick carpets that look and feel hot. Instead, invest in small and thin rugs that look good and feel great. Remember - less is more in summers!

  • Bring Nature to your Home - Seasonal flowers can brighten up your home. Pick flowers from your garden or invest in some fresh flowers for all the rooms of your home. Small, green plants create a cooling effect in your home.

  • In the afternoons, draw all the curtains of your house to automatically cool off the home and keep the heat out. 

If you don't already have them, go shopping for some cheery wind chimes. Hang them at the entrance or high up where there is a cross ventilation. Let your home come to life with the soothing sounds of the chimes.

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