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What to keep in mind while Decorating your Home?

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Simple Decoration Tips to Experiment with

Decorating your home can be an overwhelming task but at the same time a lot of fun too. The best part about decorating your living space is that there are no strict rules to follow. Your home should reflect your personality and should be the way you want it to be.

Here are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind the next time you decide to decorate your home -

  • Practical & Comfortable - All said and done, your home is your haven where you spend time with your family for the most part of each day. While doing up your home, the first and foremost thing you must keep in mind is the comfort factor. Just making your home pretty is not enough. Rather it should be cozy, comfortable and livable too.

Remember to: Strike a balance between looks and functionality.

Decorate for You & Your Family - A lot of people concentrate more on the expectations of friends, colleagues and acquaintances rather than what the family wants. Remember to: put your family's needs first while decorating individual rooms. After all, it is the family that will live there and not your friends and colleagues. For instance, ask your child how he wants his room to look and feel. With a little bit of planning, you can make sure that everyone is happy and content with their individual spaces as well as the home in totality.

  • Don't Go Overboard - There are many wonderful choices available in the market when it comes to home decoration items. However, it can be a costly mistake to get overwhelmed by all the variety. A more practical approach to the decoration and redecoration task is to plan well and work out your budget after which you can make well-balanced purchase decisions.

  • Decorate with Your Heart -

Create a pleasing ambience in your home by investing some time and efforts in systematic planning. Each room in your home can have its look and reflect the personality of its occupant. Paint the walls with soothing and pleasant colors, experiment with different textures and materials, play with varied aromas and make your home what it deserves to be. 

  • A must-have - Bring in some positive energy in your home by putting something alive in every room. It can be a small potted plant, fresh flowers, or just your pet. Other decoration items include large pillows and cushions, picture frames, wall hangings, brass and crystal figurines, etc. If you have a liking for ethnic art, you can play around with some earthen vessels, matkas, pots, wheels, etc.

  • Personalize the Room - Your kid's study room should reflect his / her personality. Create a lived in and familiar atmosphere in the study room - brighten up the room with bright and cheery drapes with unusual patterns and colours. Laminate and display his/her awards and certificates. 

As mentioned above, there are no strict rules that need to be followed while decorating your house. Feel free to experiment with colors, textures and other items of beauty and enjoy yourself while you are at it!

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TIP: Home Decoration is all about self realization, experimentation and being comfortable with your own space.

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