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Do You Suffer From Frequent Headaches?


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Try Almonds To Prevent Headache


Two days in a row I got up with a terrible headache. Like many people I had an occasional headache and popped a pill to relieve the pain. But recently the headaches were getting more frequent and less relenting. Even my tried and tested pain killer could not alleviate the pain. I was beginning to fear the worse until my father recommended Almonds. Read on if you are also struggling with frequent headaches and are tired of popping pills.

Getting up in the morning with a headache is the worst feeling in the world. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. For many of us headache is a stark reality. When it strikes everything comes to a halt.

You can not put your mind into any thing until you are relieved from it. Also you have no idea when, where or why it strikes. You can be a friend’s party, in middle of an important meeting, tending to your child, or at the end of a stressful day. Worse, unlike migraine it is not a documented disease. People do not go to doctor for treatment of a headache, even if it causes them as much distress and handicap as say, a migraine. For the working population it is difficult to get a day off for headache. “It’s just a headache for god’s sake”! How do you respond to that? Don’t we all just take an over the counter drug and get on with it? While it gives immediate relief, taking un-prescribed drugs frequently has its pitfalls.

The danger also lies in the fact that popping the pill too frequently might make you resistant to it. A disprin used to suffice as a pain reliever before, but now I have to take a much stronger pill or increase the dosage to 2. Scary isn’t it?

Lot of theories go around regarding the reasons of headache. Some of them are:

• Poor diet
• Stress and anxiety
• Lack of sleep
• Poor posture
• Not drinking enough water
• Depression
• Eyestrain
• Excessive caffeine consumption
• Artificial sweeteners
• Consuming something that one is allergic to Etc.

None of them made any sense to me. Then my father recommended almonds, which according to him helped him to get rid of his headaches. I was willing to lay my hands on any thing that could help. So I started to soak 5 almonds overnight and eat them in the morning, as my father suggested. Only after 2-3 weeks of regularly eating almonds, my headaches began to subside. They became less severe and less frequent.

It has been two months now that I have not had a headache. I do not have to live in constant fear of a headache. After getting relief from this perennial problem I decided to find out the reason behind the almond’s pain relieving properties. T

o my surprise I found ample material online that substantiates my belief in almond’s ability to relieve headache.

Following are some important facts about almond’s pain relieving qualities:

• Almonds contain a natural pain-killing agent called salicin. This agent is also contained in over the counter pain killers like asprin.

• Almonds offer other health benefits such as the ability to lower blood cholesterol levels and to regulate blood pressure.

• Almonds contain high level of magnesium, that helps in muscle relaxation and minimizing nerve excitability therefore, it helps to reduce headaches due to stress and anxiety.

Almond is used as a pain reliever in traditional medicines because of these qualities. They can be eaten in any way. They can be soaked overnight, or just popped during meals, or munched as a between meals heath snack. 10-12 almonds should be eaten daily for relieving and preventing headaches. Apart from this some life style changes like good sleep, healthy diet, regular exercise, and drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day are important for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Contributing Author: Anureet Pawar, author is a freelance content writer [email protected]

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