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How You Can Never Go Wrong With Your Style



It has rightly been said that shopping is the best form of retail therapy for women.

One may rarely come across a woman who doesn’t like to shop. But what women need to understand essentially is that style is something very personal and you should keep up to date with all the latest trends but also keep in mind that whatever you buy should suit your personality and body type.

Whether you shop from all the famous designer shops in London or your local fashion street, you have to learn to make whatever you wear your own and carry it with style and attitude.

Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

Because unless you aren’t comfortable or confident in what you are wearing, its never going to look good. You have to learn to embrace your personality and dress accordingly.

Women like Dolly Thakore in her crisp cottons or Rekha in her kanjeevarams always tend to look gorgeous because they wear clothes that they feel looks good on them and not essentially keeping the latest trends in mind.


So to all you women out there, keep abreast with all the latest trends but also learn that everything that looks good on a size 0 Kareena Kapoor or a Kate Moss might not essentially look good on you. Wear whatever you are comfortable in and what you feel suits you, Experiment with your looks, accessories and hair and see what suits you and you can never ever go wrong. So to all my chicas out there “Keep it stylish”  

Contributing Author: Ayesha Abraham is a a B.Com graduate who really loves to write and has been doing so ever since she was 7...She is very opinionated but then as the saying goes "It always pays to have an opinion". She has a keen interest in all kinds of women, health, lifesyle and beauty related topics. [email protected] 

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