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Feminity - A Style Statement


Thinking of a style? Getting frustrated? Probably you haven't thought of this one: feminity in itself is a style, a unique one indeed! I've heard someone say "eat for yourself, but dress for others." but I'd say "wear your attitude and eat other's envy."

Before, you go any further from this paragraph, let's get something straight. What is fashion to you? If your definition of fashion falls in line with different brand names, I'd suggest, don't read further. But, if it's about your own "bindaas style", then guess, you'd find this interesting.

Fashion to me is being yourself. It's about the confidence you wear on your self covering up everything else. To a certain extend, the attire you opt for, the color you choose will affect your appearance, no disputes on that! But, wear anything and let the confidence on your face take over your fashion statement.

Fashion is not about what you wear, but how you wear. You could:

  • Wear a stole with every single attire, but let it be an accessory and not an extra-fitting!

  • Wear anklets as bracelets, but be sure to take the right call.

  • Wear a kurta to go with a skirt, here you need to get the combination perfect.

  • Wear a pair of simple denim, to your workplace, with formal shirt - trust me, it looks SMART!

This list can go on and on. You might be from any part of the world and guess appearances make similar impressions across the globe. Create a style-statement for yourself; an accessory that identifies with your name and you'll feel the difference.

If you are an Indian woman, then keep this one thing in mind, you are exotic to the outside world. Your eyes, hair, complexion. It's all so exotic. So, just be yourself and carry your personality all around your neighborhood! Let me pick this one from the Onida ad. "Your style, other's envy."

Contributing Author: My name is Bonnie Balakrishnan and I am a trainer in English and a freelance writer. Writing is a passion for me...let me try if it can be turned to a profession...Contact me at [email protected]

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