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Souvenir Shopping In Tokyo, Japan - Perfect Souvenir Items To Choose From, Where to Shop in Tokyo? 

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Souvenir Shopping Made Easy

For most people shopping is a lot of fun. For some it releases stress while for others its a necessity! Souvenir shopping is a great way to pick out some reminders of your travel to a different country, city or town! They make for perfect gift items for your friends and family. If you happen to visit Tokyo, you are in for a surprise! Shopping for souvenirs in Tokyo is not just fun but very easy too!

Easy? Why is that? In Tokyo, souvenir items are taken very seriously. Known as Omiyage, these souvenir items are available everywhere. In fact, Tokyo is one such country where entire Stores are dedicated to different kinds of souvenir items! There is so much variety that you will probably need ample time to pick out what you like.

Popular Souvenir Gift items to buy in Tokyo, Japan

  • Kimonos

  • Starter Chopsticks

  • Portable Ashtrays

  • Designer Lighters

  • Polaroid Cameras

  • Cell phone holders

  • Pottery items

  • Handicraft items

Where to pick out Souvenir Gift Items in Tokyo?

Those of you who want to take back traditional tokens of your stay in Tokyo, make sure to visit some of the following stores in Tokyo for souvenir items like Kimonos, pottery, woodblock prints etc - 

  • Oriental Bazaar - Four floors stocking up various Japanese and Oriental gift items like kimonos, pottery, books etc.

  • Maru Ara Watanabe - Set in the heart of bustling Shibuya, this shoppers' paradise stores traditional Japanese souvenir items like kimonos, tapestry etc.

  • Antique Market - This market of over 30 different stalls has a variety of art and craft items.

Must - Visit Department Stores in Tokyo

Department Stores in Tokyo are a real treat for people who are looking to buy a variety of different products at one place.

  • Takashiyama - This popular department store has branches in New York as well and stores all things domestic. Well that's not all! You can find one entire floor dedicated to traditional Japanese art and craft items as well.

  • Seibu - This Japanese department store houses everything from designer clothes to cosmetics.

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