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Shopping For Clothes, Bags, Footwear & Junk Jewellery In Delhi


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Fashion For Women - Shopping in New Delhi, India


It's hard to find a person who is unhappy with college memories. Neither a complete mature human, nor a chocoholic teenager. Loads of dreams, little to spend. It is also an age when we get swayed by latest fashion. To cut a long to story short,

let us talk about looking fashionable in Delhi for pocket-friendly prices.

The best places to hit for good but cheaper clothes in Delhi are Janpath, Sarojini Nagar or Tibetan monastery near ISBT, ( Inter State Bus Terminus) Tees Hazari.

Whether you are looking for readymade casuals, bags, shoes or jewelry, you will find the best in the prices that you could afford in these markets. Janpath and Sarojini Nagar continue to be the Mecca of latest prÍt styles. Janpath has more an ethnic collection, monastery is full of urban trends and Sarojini Nagar is famous for its mix and match style.

  At Janpath one can get Lakshya crinkled skirt. They are very popular because they are easy to maintain, colorful and ethnic in style. The advantage of this skirt is that it can be accessories with dupattas, scarves, short kurtas and little strappy tops.

To add to the ethnic look, one can pick up ethnic long ear-rings, Rajasthani or Gujarati bengals, necklace and jute bags from Janpath itself. Mojaris or Punjabi Juttis are best footwear for this ethnic or urban-ethnic look.

Monastery is best for pure urban fashion.....It's famous for variety range cute skimpy tank tops, capris, camouflage army pants etc. Sarojini Nagar is shoppers' paradise for everything from bags to shoes, jeans to tops, jewellery to accessories.

So what are you waiting for. Students, part-time employees or just-started-working crowd may not have to worry for their shopping budget now. You can just hop one of these markets in Delhi and make yourself stylish.

Contributing Author: Barsha is passionate about writing and is currently practicing radio and online journalism in India. [email protected]

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