What Are Princess Cut Diamonds?

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Princess Cut & Other Basic Shapes of Diamond Stud Earrings


Princess cut diamonds refer to diamonds that have been crafted in a square shape. Origins relay back to 1979 when a jeweler created the square cut to rival the brilliance that comes with the round “brilliant” cut. Today, princess cut diamond earrings rank second in popularity, in diamond earrings, necklaces and diamond engagement rings.

The princess cut is shaped similar to that of a pyramid, with the top being cut into a square or rectangular form, and the bottom reaching a point in the setting.

Not only are princess cut diamond earrings going to create the most dazzle, but they also give you a bang for your buck – as less of the diamond needs to be cut to create the signature look. This way, the stone often comes at a cheaper price than other cuts. When buying princess cut diamond earrings the cut should be precise. Precision is necessary with the princess cut – as the entire view is from stop the diamond. It needs to be impeccably accurate to reflect the light, and retain its sparkly appeal. Since so much of the diamond is on display from the top, it is recommended that the color of princess cut diamond an earring stud is above a G. This will ensure that the diamond appears natural in color, without any distracting tints. Clarity determines the flaws within a diamond. When buying a princess cut diamond it is important that the rating be above a VS2 to ensure the diamond appears flawless to the naked eye.

Princess cut diamond earrings are a timeless classic, as they always retain the dazzle. The way that princess cut diamond earrings are created allows the light to dance within the diamond, creating the brilliance of the round stone with modern, elegant style.

It is important to keep in mind that although princess cut diamonds, and brilliant cut diamonds may be of the same carat weight – the diameter of the princess cut may be smaller, as the diamond is longer, and pyramid shaped, accounting for the carat weight. Princess cut diamond earrings are a great gift idea, or a great present to spoil yourself with. They were created with the purpose of maximizing brilliance in a square cut, and have succeeded – and are only growing in popularity.

Basic Shapes of Diamond Stud Earrings

Not only do diamond fashion earrings come in a variety of colors and sizes, they come in a variety of shapes. Each of these shapes creates a different appearance of the diamond earrings, and each shape comes in and out of style each season. Of course, there is the classic princess and brilliant cut – but diamond earrings have become popular in other styles like pear or fancy shaped stones.

Square Shaped diamond earrings are available in cuts like princess,
or emerald cut. What is the difference between emerald cut diamond earrings, and princess cut diamond earrings? Emeralds cut stones appear to be shaped like rectangles and yields the most brilliant of the square stones. Emerald shaped cuts seem to hold the most color, so when choosing an emerald cut be sure to choose a clear stone, or a stone with a good color rating (over a g rating). Princess cut diamond earrings sparkle effervescently because of the cut to take advantage of the facets within the diamond.

Round shaped diamond earrings come in two main cuts;
brilliant cuts of diamond earrings allow the light to come through the stone creating a highly sparkled effect. This is one of the most popular cuts of diamond earrings, and interestingly enough is the most chosen for diamond earring gifts.


Heart shaped diamond earrings have been popularized with days like Valentines Day. The heart setting is created with a cut of diamond that is flat upon the top, and has many facets created to make the heart shaped diamond earrings sparkle. These earrings are a perfect gift, regardless of the holiday – and can add a different direction to the jewel box. Heart shaped diamond earrings are available at most stores, especially around Valentine’s Day – but can be special ordered to suit the occasion from most jewelers if they are not in stock.

Fancy shaped diamond earrings include; marquis, pave diamonds and bevel style diamond earrings. Pave style diamond earrings include various smaller stones fitted together to give the illusion of a larger stone within the diamond stud earrings. Earrings that have been created to have a bezel cut are flush with the mounting, so the stone does not protrude. Using fancy shaped stones allows the diamond to appear larger and more elaborate because of the unique cutting styles.

Regardless of which style is chosen, the shape will remain timeless – as all diamond earrings do.
Fancy cuts are most often found in drop earrings, whereas the basic cuts such as princess, emerald and brilliant are reserved for the traditional diamond stud earrings.

Contributing Author: Adney Harris is a writer at http://www.diamondstudsofamerica.com where you can find a variety of diamond studs jewelry and items including necklaces, rings and bracelets. Visit us for additional jewelry information. Email: [email protected]

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