Shopping for Opals in Sydney, Australia

Opal Shopping in Sydney, Australia

How To Buy Opals

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 Opals are found in different variations - Opal Jewelry, Pendants, Rings, Unset Opal Gemstones


Shopping for Opals in Sydney

Shopping in Sydney, Australia can be a real treat! Among other things, Sydney is known for a rich variety of pearls and gemstones, especially Opals. Opal is the National Stone of Australia and almost 95% of the world's Opal comes from Australia. Generally mined in the outback areas of Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales, Opals are available in a rich spectrum of colours such as aqua, crimson, orange, green etc.

What is an Opal?

An Opal is a beautiful and mesmerizing gemstone formed due to the solidification of a solution of silicon dioxide and water over millions of years. The result is a magnificent gemstone which is absolutely unique.

The fact that no two Opals can ever look the same make it unique. Besides, investing in Opals is a wise business choice as their value appreciates by almost 20% every year!

  There are 3 main types of solid Opals -
  • Black Opals - These precious Black Opal stones have a dark black background and perfectly enhance the rest of the colours.
  • Crystal Opals - Widely available, these Light or white Opals have a milky white background and emits other subtle hues.
  • Boulder Opals - display thin veins of colours contained within ironstone boulders.

Things to keep in mind when Buying an Opal

The range and variety of Opals available in Australia is truly mind boggling. The best way to choose an Opal is to select the one that appeals to you most. Making a choice will definitely be very difficult as the varieties available are large, each one more beautiful than the other.

  • Look for a well established store to purchase an Opal from.
  • You can buy a Solid Opal, Doublets or Triplets. However, Solid Opals are considered to be much more valuable and better value for money.
  • Opals are available in the form of beautiful Opal jewelry such as pendants, rings etc. Unset Opals also make for great keepsakes. You can always get them set in the form of jewellery when ever you want.
Famous Opal Specialists in Australia
  • Opal Fields, situated in the Rocks, Queen Victoria Building and Darling Harbour A well known name offering a wide range of designer Opal jewellery as well as unset Opal gemstones. Beautifully gift wrapped including an authenticated valuation certificate!
  • Giulians, Cnr George & Bridge Streets, Sydney Award winning jewelers, one of the finest showrooms in Sydney.
  • Opal Minded, George Street, the Rocks, Sydney A must visit, Opal Minded offers classical and bold contemporary designed jewellery. Next time you visit Sydney, Australia make sure to go on a Opal shopping spree! Enjoy!
  • Strand Souvenirs and Opals has been in this business since 1977 in Sydney. This is a family business offering service and exceptional value in Opal Jewellery and loose stones.

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