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 Appreciating any art form is a rich and satisfying experience. Collectibles can be in the form of Madhubani Wall Hangings, Greeting Cards, Sarees, Bed sheets, T shirts etc. 

Buy a medium or large size Madhubani Painting and capture it forever within a beautiful wooden frame. Enjoy its beauty and rediscover the essence of creativity.



The Art of Madhubani Paintings


India is the one of the world's most diverse countries, known for its rich cultural heritage. Each Indian state adds to this heritage through handicrafts items, pottery, ethnic clothes, arts, and jewellery, etc.

One state that has been contributing to the National and International Handicrafts market is the state of Bihar, well known worldwide for its Madhubani Paintings, also called Maithili Paintings.

The art of Madhubani Paintings originated in the homes of women living in villages close to the small town of Madhubani, in Bihar (Northern India). What was a daily ritual for these women for centuries saw commercial success only in the 1960's, when these traditional paintings became available for commercial sale.

What is a Madhubani Painting?

A lady indulging in Madhubani artThe women of Madhubani portrayed their customs, beliefs, and creativity by painting on the walls and floors of their homes. No festival or wedding was considered complete without these paintings.

A typical Madhubani painting consists of symbols, lines and patterns that support a main theme. With the commercialization of this art form, Madhubani Artists from Bihar started creating the paintings on handmade paper and cloth, using poster colours, etc.

Usually, the central theme of the paintings is Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The theme then evolves into a story with the use of symbols.

Madhubani Paintings make perfect keepsakes. Each Painting showcases the craftsmanship of these traditional village women who use their free hand to create masterpieces which live to tell their story through the ages. The Madhubani art form is passed on through generations from mothers to daughters, keeping the tradition alive.


Common Themes & Symbols that adorn a Madhubani Painting

  • Lord Rama hunting the Golden Deer
  • Worship of Lord Shiva
  • Goddess Kali
  • Goddess Saraswati
  • Goddess Durga
  • Sun
  • Fish, Snakes, Peacocks
  • Events in a life cycle, etc.

Availability of Madhubani Art


Today, Madhubani art occupies a very important place in the world of Indian Regional Crafts. Madhubani paintings are available throughout the world in various forms.

The most popular include wall hangings, greeting cards, t-shirts, saris (sarees) and bed spreads, etc.

  • Dilli Haat, New Delhi

  • Ambapali State Emporium Building Complex, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi.

  • Government recognised Handicraft Stores

Complement your home decor with these awe-inspiring art forms, or gift these masterpieces to your friends and family.

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