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Creating a Fashion Statement With Jewellery (Jewelry) Initial Pendants

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Jewelry is an important part of dressing up. Depending ont he occassion, you can complement your clothes with the right kind of Jewellery. Initial pendants are a great option!



Jewellery - Initial Pendants

What is Jewelry?


Jewellery is a very popular commodity. In earlier times, it was used for storage of wealth. In recent times, it has been exclusively used for decoration.

Jewellery is made out of every material known and has been able to adorn every part of body. It is a decorative article that is made of metal, gemstones and/or hard organic material of high quality, contrived with artistry or superior craftsmanship, and intended to be worn on a person. Nowadays, jewelry has become a status symbol for the society. People gift jewelry on various occasions, like weddings, birthdays, marriages and anniversaries.

What Are Pendants? - Initial Pendants

Pendants are ornaments or pieces of jewelry attached to a necklace and have become a fashion statement for the society. There are different kinds of pendants available in the market; these include zodiac sign, symbol, and initial pendants.

Initial Pendants have also become a major object to create a fashion statement in the society. In fact, people have now started using them for their identity also, such pendants can be customized to display any identity symbol of your choice. Initial pendants also make thoughtful and personalized gifts these days. These pendants have become a beautiful addition to any man or womenís jewelry box and are available at affordable prices. There are a variety of initial pendants available in the market and these exquisite collections steal the hearts of men and women alike!

People get initial pendants made for special occasions so that they can make their loved ones feel special, adding enthusiasm to the occasion. Whatís more, such special collections bring together some unique and intelligent designs perfected for the occasion. Available in the market are ranges that comprise of trendy and youthful designs. These pendants are available in different materials, patterns and designs.

Initial pendants are coming in variety of style and fonts. They can also be embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. While making pendants in pure gold, silver or platinum, proper attention is given to detail, color and design to make the pendants attract a lot of buyers, worldwide. These are often studded with precious stones for an enhanced appeal. Skilled craftsmen use various materials for making imitation/costume jewelry items.

Designs & Patterns of Initial Pendants


Initial Pendants can be painted in various patterns like stripes, dots and waves etc to make them visually appealing. Handmade initial pendants are made to suit the wearer's personality and taste and bring about sophistication to any attire. Such attractive pendants can be made of Lac, horn, bone, metal, MOP, stone, pearl, beads, Teracotta, Plastic and Wood.

These awe inspiring pendants also comprise of various unique designs in 22-carat gold, making it an ideal gift for festivals and weddings. Diamond initial Pendants add more beauty to the necklace, as these pendants are set with lovely and shiny princess cut diamonds of superior quality. There are a large collection of unique diamond initial pendants available which are suitable for everyone on all happy moments in there life. Some collections of initial pendants are available in eclectic mix of diamonds and colored stones set in white as well as yellow gold and ranging from the antique to the modern. Various designer collections of such pendants feature simple motifs and geometric patterns that have been worked upon cohesively. 

Coloured beads and faceted gemstones have been used to break the monotony of white and bring in the concept of vibrant colors. These different initial pendants are stunning in their aesthetics.

Initial Pendants are also available in colour stones set in gold and finely faceted by laser cutting, lending the gems a brilliant luster. This range of initial pendant jewelry is created using a combination of zircon with laser cut gems such as Topaz, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Citrine, Blue Topaz, and Garnets. Initial pendants made with Silver Topaz are a perfect substitute for the costly diamond. It is inexpensive, yet natural. The big stones in particular are stunning, affordable and quite versatile. Silver Topaz is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is the birthstone for the month of November. It may be used as a substitute for Diamond as the April birthstone. It can also take the place of the expensive white sapphire.

The White Gold collection of initial pendants is mostly encrusted with black princess cut diamonds, white gold initial pendants has created new rage in jewellery fashion. Beaded initial pendants are unique, handcrafted, beautiful and uncommon in designs. These elegant initial pendants are made up of turquoise beads used with silver antique necklace. Hundreds of designer beaded necklaces are available in the market. Initial Pendants can also be made up of fine quality metals of silver & golden color tones.

Nowadays the concept of polymer clay jewelry is also introduced, polymer clay creates an exciting selection of components for jewelry design, and initial pendants can be made out of polymer clay. This is not an earthen material. It is made from a combination of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), color pigments, and a product that gives it a plastic-like characteristic. It doesn't dry out like regular clay, so an artisan can take as much time as necessary to create a piece. It is nontoxic and items can be baked to completion in a regular oven. A kiln is not necessary. Polymer clay jewelry is affordable, and looks good, so itís the best option for fashionable initial pendants.

The demand for platinum jewelry is growing in world at the rate of 20 to 30 per cent every day. Platinum is also seen as both modern and traditional. Initial pendants in platinum are available in the market, though platinum costs almost three times more than gold, the jewelry metal has its own market in view of its purity and rarity, and at the same time it has its own beauty and charm.

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