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Change Your Color with 14 Karat White Gold Diamond Studs

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Change your Color with 14 Karat White Gold Diamond Studs


Thereís nothing like a pair of diamond studs to complete an outfit. In fact, for the women with a fashion flare a pair of diamonds studs is a must. Many of us have a pair of 14 karat yellow gold diamond studs but why not change your color and add a pair of 14 karat white gold diamond studs to your collection.

White gold does something for a diamond that yellow gold simply canít. Yellow gold has long been recognized as the traditional setting for diamonds whether earrings, studs, rings, or necklaces, but white gold has a modern, elegant, simplistic look thatís pure feminine power. It says beautiful like no other!

White gold is also harder that yellow gold which means those 14 karat white gold diamond studs are going to be that much more durable. Okay perhaps not that important with earrings but certainly worth noting when it comes to diamond rings.

Cool skin colors look terrific in silver tones which means platinum or white gold look much better on these skin tones than gold. If you arenít sure just how white gold will compliment your skin look at the visible veins and if they have a blue tint rather than a pink tint youíll look fantastic in your 14 karat white gold diamond studs.


Pricing can vary but overall white gold and yellow gold are relatively comparable. If you buy your gold diamond studs from a reputable source such as DIAMOND STUDS OF AMERICA you can relax knowing the quality of your diamond is superior. Remember that 14 karat white gold diamond studs donít just a have to be a diamond on a post. You can get some very unique settings that add a little pizzazz to your studs and especially with white gold.

Donít be afraid to be creative. A jeweler will be happy to help you design something that says ďyou.Ē Every womanís wardrobe should include not only a pair of 14 karat white gold diamond studs but also a pair of the more traditional 14 karat yellow gold diamond studs. That way you can go from classic elegance to modern elegance.

Consider the main colors in your wardrobe, the style of clothing. All of us have many different fashions in our wardrobes. Now picture those 14 karat white gold diamond studs with your favorite pair of blue jeans, red pumps, and your handkerchief top. Wow! Youíve got style.

But then picture them with your corporate suit Ė wow! Those diamond studs take on an entirely new look and feel. Just like yellow gold theyíll take you to the boardroom, a night on the town, and to the beach. Both do it beautifully and both make a different statement which is why you need a pair of each. Itís time for you to invest in a pair of 14 karat white gold diamond studs!

Contributing Author: Adney Harris is a writer at where you can find a variety of diamond studs jewelry and items including necklaces, rings and bracelets. Visit us for additional jewelry information. Email: [email protected]

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