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The History of Diamond


Diamonds are made from pure carbon, earth's most common element and the hardest natural substance known to man. Diamonds were formed eons ago under incredible heat and pressure deep in the earth. Great volcanic upheavals millions of years ago forced the "blue earth" containing diamonds to the surface where they were scattered along rivers and into the oceans.

It is believed that diamonds were first recognized and mined in India. Significant alluvial deposits of this natural stone were found their in old ages.

Diamonds were associated with divinity in India and they were used to decorate religious icons. It was believed that diamonds bring good fortune to those who possessed or carried them.

Diamonds ownership was restricted among various castes by color and only kings could possess all colored diamond. As far as earliest written reference is concerned, it was mentioned in Sanskrit text Arthashastra as well as in a Buddhist text. This text date back to 296 BCE and describes diamond's qualities such as hardness, luster, and dispersion. After years, the fury of nature in the form of winds, water, heat and cold reworked landscapes while these gems stayed intact and hidden, awaiting for their radiance to sparkle to the world unknown.

Just a few managed to survive, out of which a small amount with an appropriate size and good quality were cut and polished to be renowned as some of the finest pieces of jewelry. Diamonds are rare and are found only in a few secluded sites, spread among the oldest parts of the continents. For years, the only source known to man was one remote area in India, where diamonds were first appreciated for their capacity to disperse light.

New discoveries were made in Borneo in the 7th century and in Brazil in the 18th century. Despite its insignificant size, the Brazilian finding was so popular that the ruling Portuguese marked the occasion with great joy. Festivals were staged in Lisbon, with special masses said and messages of congratulations were sent by the Pope and European monarchs.


More celebrations came in 1866 when, at last, a truly significant source of diamonds was discovered in South Africa. Strangely, it owed nothing to the art or energy of the world's eager prospectors. A farmers' child was playing with some brightly colored stones found beside a river, one of which was recognized as a diamond.

The gem cut from it was appropriately named "Eureka" and it marked the start of a remarkable new episode in the story of the emergence of diamonds. At present, in spite of modern technologies, diamonds are still difficult to discover. Geologists search relentlessly for these precious gems, usually in very remote places, like the frozen tundra of Siberia and Canada to the parched deserts and ocean floors of Africa. The popularity of diamond continued to grow as new cuts were developed that dramatically enhanced the diamond's aesthetic appeal and beauty. Diamonds are popular among all classes in society. Some large diamonds became historically very significant, some of them were even included in various sets of crown jewels.

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