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Jewelry is an important part of dressing up. Depending ont he occassion, you can complement your clothes with the right kind of Jewellery. Initial pendants are a great option!


Your Choice of Pink and Other Colored Diamond Jewelry

Over the past few years we have slowly begun to notice the popularity of colored diamonds between socialites, celebrities and even on the ears of our nearest and dearest! Colored diamonds in the past were thought to have been flawed, but now we know the difference they are fabulous! What does your choice of a colored diamond say about you?


Pink has become popular, and has been seen on the runways, red carpets and on the ears of our favorite stars all over the globe. A confident girl wears a pink diamond, maybe even heart shaped! It is the epitome of femininity and creates an elegant touch to any outfit. The girl who wears pink diamond earrings is the perfect combination of girly, and intellectual!

Maybe purple is your color of choice. Purple diamonds range from deep in color to lightly tint but all give off the same message. Purple diamond earrings exude confidence, and power. After all, for centuries purple has been the color of royalty. A woman in purple diamond earrings knows how to let loose and enjoy life, but, after she has completed her meticulous to do list!

Green girls like green diamonds. Are you called a hippie and feel the love of the earth? A girl in green diamond earrings knows that these low maintenance stones are the perfect addition to her low-key lifestyle. Although, a girl in diamond earrings is only as low key as one in sparkling earrings can be.

Yellow diamonds are the rarest with only one tenth of a percent appearing as the popular, canary yellow stone that we see on a daily basis. Yellow is a favorite of the up and coming stars, and is coveted by many!

Whatever color you choose for your diamond earrings
you have already taken a step in the right direction with the trend of colored diamonds. These diamond earrings will last for centuries and are sure to become a family heirloom! The confidence that a diamond can bring a girl is like no other, and it is important to choose a color you are going to love for generations!

About Pink Diamond Jewelry

Pink Diamonds have shown to be very popular among celebrities and can be seen on the likes of Victoria Beckham, and formerly Jennifer Lopez' Pink heart diamond which had been given as an engagement ring at one point in time. They express all that is feminine and beautiful, with the two elements that please women the most; pink, and diamonds.

The newest trend in the world of the average woman is laboratory made pink diamonds. These diamonds are impossible to discern from their real counterparts by the naked eye, and can be found in great quality at very affordable costs. Lab-created diamonds come with a fraction of the price tag, and it makes it easier to expand your collection with different varieties of colored diamonds.


Australia is ranked the highest producing country for pink diamonds, and is the main export for these stones throughout the world. This country hosts the Argyle mine and has made a name for them as the producer for some of the most sought after diamonds in the world. These pink stones are very hard to find, and often times are tinted with other colors. But of course, the purity of the diamond is the most important aspect, and the ones that have the least tinting of another color are the most expensive.

India, Africa and Brazil were historically the biggest producers of the popular pink diamond, but now it is the Argyle mine that is known to produce the largest volume of pink diamonds. Be it real or lab created, the pink diamond will remain the favorite choice for women as long as pink is pink and diamonds are diamonds.

Contributing Author: Adney Harris is a writer at http://www.diamondstudsofamerica.com where you can find a variety of diamond studs jewelry and items including necklaces, rings and bracelets. Visit us for additional jewelry information. Email: [email protected]

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