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The exciting world of Advertising is one of the most creative industries there is. Naturally, it attracts a plethora of creative minds - individuals who believe they can think out-of-the-box and use their creativity to design concepts capable of creating history.


A lot of people who are pursuing jobs in entirely different industries are willing to leave their current employment and shift their career paths in search of a more creatively satisfying job. Such creative satisfaction is found in advertising.

If you are someone who wants to enter into the advertising industry, it is important for you to understand that a career in advertising can be both rewarding and extremely challenging. Besides uncertain work hours, this industry is also very competitive and only has a place for those who can portray their brilliance at all times and with every project they take up.

Do You Want to Build a Career in Advertising?

If you believe you have what it takes to excel in the field of advertising, here are some tips that can assist you in your quest for building an Advertising Career -

1. Start Early - There are a lot of you who might feel the need for some creativity and self-expression and consider shifting your career, thus entering the Advertising Agencies. However, those of you who have always wanted to make a career in advertising must start planning your career path as early as possible. You can take up a Course in Advertising during Graduation and even consider doing a Masters in Mass Communication and Advertising. Such a specialized course can help you to make a good beginning.

2. Intern With Ad Agencies. Keep your eyes and ears open and look out for internship opportunities with ad agencies. As an intern, you will experience the goings-on of an ad agency first hand. Doing so will help you understand how the different departments of an agency work in tandem with each other to create groundbreaking advertising concepts.


3. Research - Most advertising agencies today have their Company Websites. Visit their career pages to identify their hiring patterns and apply for positions advertised.

4. Create A Strong Portfolio For Yourself. How many times have you seen a magazine advertisement for a product / services and felt that you can conceptualize an even better story line for the ad? Well, don't just think about it. Work on your ideas and create your version of popular ads. Such Specimen Ads should act as your portfolio when you appear for an interview.

5. Build Contacts / Network with those who are already a part of the advertising industry. Surf the net to identify professionals and write to them seeking guidance.

6. Goal Driven & Passionate About Working With An Ad Agency - If you are highly committed and excited about entering the Ad world, you must be willing to learn from every small experience. No matter how basic your first few jobs maybe, be prepared to learn from them. First-hand experience can be second to none.

7. Be honest, passionate and articulate in your Job Application - Use your job application to showcase your creativity constructively. While applying for vacancies with ad agencies, draft a well written and impressive application letter that is capable of making you look great on paper. Once you get noticed, your next job is to live up to the impression your application has created.

8. Be Realistic - A lot of people write to me now and then asking for advice and guidance with respect to getting into an ad agency / building a career in advertising. Many of these individuals are in entirely different fields and have no real experience / knowledge of advertising. While it is great to grow continually in your career and seek true happiness in what you do, it is also essential to be realistic in your thinking. I would never suggest someone to drop what they are doing at this moment and quit their present jobs in search of the unknown (a career in advertising). It is recommended to make every career decision carefully.

Ask yourself why you want to change careers? Are you really interested in advertising as a career or is it just something that sounds exciting. If you still do decide to make a career shift, do it for the right reasons.

Contributed By: Akanksha is an advertising graduate and currently working as a freelance content writer. [email protected]

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