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What the Consumer Really Wants - Consumer Expectations





The market is full of cheaters not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but allover. We as consumers don’t like to complain. Playing the blame game doesn’t make us “ THE KING OF THE MARKET”. We also do praise those who are worthy of it.

Take for example the loyalty we show towards brands that comply with standards such as REEBOK, JOHNSON-and-JOHNSON and 5-star Hotels such as Shangri-La. But even as I take these names, I remember, that it is not the brand that makes me loyal but it is the service that does so. And what is a good service?

The answer to this has been given various management gurus but for me as a layman, I would say “GOOD SERVICE means: delivering without leaving a scope for complaint”. So lets see why consumers complain -

There are many reasons why your customer leaves with that look on his face while you wonder what’s wrong…


Reason Number1 Quality

The product quality just does not match with the value that the customer attaches to it, prior to purchase. For example, when one goes out for a dining experience and gets food poisoning the day after, no matter how much he might have loved the food, he sure will blame the food quality.

Reason Number 2 Price -

The complaint that consumers voice when they think that a product or service is overpriced, cannot be heard but is loud enough to make an impact. The effect of that complaint is non-expenditure and the result is decline in sales.

Reason Number 3 Quantity -

All those F&B companies - what do they think, they can sell 20 gms of those thin crispy potato chips for the price of 50 gms.

Well a truly “ hungry for more” customer won’t spare your conspiracy. What can the poor hungry customer do? Buy more? NO! He will complain, most commonly by switching to another brand. A clever every day example is seen in the vegetable market, a customer will least bother to bargain with a seller who does not sell the right quantity.

Having jotted down a few reasons for consumer complaints, we might just have started thinking that the customers complain only when dissatisfied. It is quite right and logical to think so, but do contemplate.

Are all customer complaints logical, or rather rational? Is dissatisfaction a result of product malfunctioning, adulteration, lack of hygiene, overpricing and other NEED based factors? The answer to this question is an obvious NO.

A customer can not always show rational behavior. Consumer complaints will not often be about the right quantity or price or quality, but most of the times will be based on THE EXPECTED. When a consumer raises his brows and twitches his nose on opening a canned cola, its not because he smells toxins, but because he does not get the EXPECTED cola experience - the service experience. More than the product marketing is the service market that comes across grudging consumers. And handling service complaints is far more tough than that of a product. The greedy consumer finds out ways to vent his anger and control...Let us see what he resorts to -

Weapon 1

Consumer Courts:

These are special types of courts which can be approached on breach of a consumer’s right or when a consumer wants his/her grievance to be acted upon. When a furious consumer faces a significant loss, he/she may file a case against the seller/dealer/company that led to the loss. Consumer courts are resorted to in cases of black marketing, adulteration, edibility of content, breach of contract and in cases of violation of consumer rights.

Weapon 2

Word of Mouth

An unhappy or dissatisfied consumer will definitely voice his/her opinion to others in his/her social circle. He may even create non-supportive campaigns. An example can be cited of those vegetarian lovers who will form a community against McDonald if they sight a beef piece on their table while chewing on a veg sandwich.

Weapon 3

Social Media

An emerging tool for posting the written word against grievances, bad experiences and cheats. Social media is paving a revolutionary path in spreading caution against consumer frauds.


A marketer must take a complaint as an opportunity to explore new avenues. When a consumer says he would like more space for kids in a resort, a marketer must provide for exclusive kid’s space in the resort….MOREOVER, he can contemplate on a consumer complaint of less activities for kids and make provisions for the same beforehand…


Contributing Author:  Shivangi Sharma I am a subject matter expert equipped with a professional masters degree in business management. I have a flare for writing and am well placed in content writing industry. Besides articles I also like creating poetry as well as designs [email protected]

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer. www.contentwriter.in is not responsible for the independent views of the writer.

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