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Qualities of a Successful Sales Staff - over the counter sales

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Over-the-Counter Sales Staff - Essential Qualities for Success

Focussed, targetted and goal driven sales efforts are the guiding force behind meeting sales targets for products and brands. Who said selling is easy? However, the task of selling can be made more enjoyable and result oriented if the sales person possesses the necessary natural and acquired skills that are needed to become successful at selling.    

Even though the actual act of selling can take several different forms, the focus of every sales activity is the same - to maximize sales and win over loyal, repeat customers. With the growth and popularity of shopping malls, over the counter sales is gaining prominence, making the role of sales persons crucial.

Here are some of the necessary skills that every member of your sales staff should possess to become a successful sales person -


1. Sound Communication Skills: The very task of selling involves communication. As a salesperson, you must speak clearly and communicate effectively with your prospective customers. It is the only way through which you can become actively involved in the process of selling a product to a customer. Your sales task begins from the moment a customer walks into the store and ends only with the purchase.

2. Good Listening Skills: A good sales person knows when to talk and when to listen. Listening is an important part of the sales process that involves understanding what the prospective customer is looking for and suggesting the product that is most likely to meet their needs.

3. Well Informed: Knowing your product well is essential. Buyers can have queries about price, range, choice, material used, warranty, guarantee, service, as well as any other technical question. A good over the counter sales person is one who is ready with answers to any possible query.

4. Self-Discipline: While it is true that most customers are engrossed and involved in the buying process, it is also true that customers notice everything. Hence, if you want to be a successful sales person, you must exercise self-discipline at all times. You must refrain from gossip, chatting with other sales people, giggling or laughing/criticizing another customer.


5. Persuasive Without Being Irritating: While an important part of selling is to persuade the customer to make a purchase, efforts should be done to do this amicably. Persuading without irritating is an important lesson to learn, especially in the beginning of one's sales career.

6. Courteous, Friendly & Warm: If you a natural at being courteous, polite and friendly, you can find it easier to make a success of your sales career. Customers appreciate helpful, courteous and warm sales people and often, like to go back to stores that make buying pleasurable.

If you are the owner of the store, make sure to pay attention the quality of sales staff you hire. An excellent sales staff can make you successful while a poor quality sales team can leave you very unhappy and keep customers at bay!

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The Sales Industry is one of the most important and fast growing. Sales Persons are important for the growth and success of an organization. To build a career in sales, you must be goal oriented and able to handle pressures.



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