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Multiple Rounds – It’s all about Satisfying your Clients


I work as a Senior Manager; Business Development with a Mumbai based English language solutions company. I wish to share my personal experience of good client servicing with everyone. Client servicing is the heart and soul of any company. A company ought to have a strong client servicing team if it intends to stay in the market for a longer duration.

A few months ago, one of our regular clients asked us if we could help them with the designing of their books. We had never dealt with such an inquiry before, however; we didn’t want to annoy the client by rejecting it forthright. We got in touch with an ad agency - for obvious reasons, I am going to call them as ABC Pvt. Ltd.; they readily agreed to help us out. They are one of the most positive people I have seen in my life. Pricing was a concern for our client so we had to negotiate the rates with ABC – to our surprise they obliged. This was the first step towards winning out TRUST.

Being the first project, back and forth was expected but not even once did they crib about it. Personally, I was getting a bit hyper but they were as cool as a cucumber. Finally, the design was ready and sent to the client. After 25 days, the client came back with some more changes to the content -we had to reshuffle some sections and figures had to be changed. This obviously was not expected but ABC agreed to make the changes. I don’t even remember how many times we had to rework on the design. Not even once have they asked us about their payment.

The best part was yet to come – they made the final changes and sent it to me. I was just about to send it to the client when I got a call from the designer. He said ‘Akki, can you please hold on to it. We are not happy with the cover page and have created three different options for the client. Can you please ask them to take a look at these three options as well?’ I was completely zapped – here is a company that is not only making the suggested changes but going a step ahead and excelling at their own creation. He also mentioned that if the client has some more changes they would be happy to make those changes.


One thing that I learnt from this agency is that they believe in working on a particular project until the client is satisfied. The point I wish to make here is that we all are striving hard to satisfy our clients but I guess we should go one step ahead and make them happy by working on a particular request until the client is completely satisfied.

All I want to say is that the next time we face such a situation let’s not crib about it; instead we should put ourselves in the clients position and work on it until the client is satisfied. After all we are here to satisfy our clients! Aren’t we? All the best!

Contributed By : Akki Masurekar was born in 1979 and has been a resident of Mumbai ever since. After having spent over 5 years in a corporate environment, he decided to take a break—not from work but from his mechanical thinking—and indulge his long-standing interest in writing. This is his second article. He has plans of getting his short stories, and other articles published soon in the coming future. E-mail: [email protected]

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