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Role of Advertising Agencies in the 21st Century


In the beginning of the 21st century Advertising Agencies are playing a very important role in the business of advertising. A lot of water has flown past the Ganges during the last 5 decade since the foundation of the first professional agency in India in 1950's by JW Thompson & DJ Keeymer.

Gone are those days when advertising agencies were only playing a vital role in Planning the campaign for their clients, preparing the campaign and placing it in suitable media on behalf of their clients. In today's competitive situation it is evident that reputed ad agencies are not restricting themselves to the above services but are also willing to offer something extra to their clients in the areas of marketing research, Sales promotion & Merchandising activities and Public Relation oriented services.


National and reputed Advertising Agencies are increasingly going for 360 degree approach in their communications and are prepared to walk the extra yard to understand their client's business in a better manner in order to communicate with the target audience effectively and efficiently.

Reputed agencies like O and M, Mudra Communications, JWT and others preferred to be treated as 'PARTNERS' in their client's business and are always trying to suggest the best and cost effective communication strategy to reach the target audience.

With the passage of time along with the concept of 'FULL SERVICE AGENCY'

specialized MEDIA AGENCIES

like, Madison; Carat etc. have come up to take care of the client's special media requirements. We also see CREATIVE BOUTIQUES like Aloke Nanda Communications, Vyas G Creative etc. just offering creative service to their clients.

Advertising Agencies being prime facilitator in the business of advertising have rightly understood the need of the hour and are playing a key role in the business of Advertising.

Contributing Author: Supriyo Patra Head Of the Department Sports Management Programme & Lecturer Dept. of Business Administration George College 136, B.B.Ganguly Street Kolkata 700012. [email protected]

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