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Convergence Between New Media - Why New Media Advertising

Continued From Convergence Between New Media

Convergence of New Media


• The small Indian cities like Lucknow have good local brands which also attract people from all over the world e.g. Sewa chikan, Tunde, Parag Dairy etc. Another local brand like Jashn are respected for the unique woman wear they sell to their customers. The fabrics have been thoughtfully chosen to ensure maximum comfort, and subtle touches of embroidery and embellishment add that extra sparkle that's just perfect to help you leave your personal signature in the crowd. And with film stars like Celina Jaitley as their brand ambassador their advertising budget cannot be underestimated.

The local brands in Lucknow make money equal to many MNC brands present in the city. They have a loyal group of customers and also they have brought big shops in malls. However the local brands use the traditional method of advertising and do not use the new media devices; because of this they are not able to tap the benefits fully. They should be informed of the significant benefits of new media advertising which will help them to serve a large group of customers all over the world and minimize their advertising budgets.

By 2010, the Internet ad market (globally) will be worth almost $61bn, compared with the magazine market at around $60.5bn (29.3bn) (source Business India) Online advertising is slated to rise by 3.1 per cent in the financial year 2008-09 and by 7.1 per cent in the financial year 2010-11.(source Business India)

Bluetooth or Proximity Advertising Solutions

Another new media advertising used in North India is Bluetooth or Proximity advertising. All that people need to do is to switch on the Bluetooth option on their handsets and they get the announcements and promotions pushed to their handset which they can further download if they like.


This has proved good advertising medium in the below mentioned category

• Movie Theater Complexes
• Pubs and Bars
• Retail locations
• Banks
• Restaurants

There are very few mass media avenues available for local advertisers in India today with the exception of Print. We believe there will be tremendous equity value creation in this space in the near-term.

The new media tools should be used by local advertisers as
74% of the urban teenagers have cell phones
81% of the urban teenage use computers.


It is the “internet era”. In the new-media era, audiences will occasionally be large, but often small, and usually tiny. Instead of a few large capital-rich media giants competing with one another for these audiences, it will be small firms and individuals competing or, more often, collaborating. It is time now for the local Indian market to expand and take on the growing MNCs in India by using technology which is both affordable and easy.

The global image of India is that of an upcoming and progressive nation. India should educate the masses about new media technology if its hope of becoming the global knowledge superpower is to become a reality. A series of ambitious economic reforms aimed at deregulating the country and stimulating foreign investment has moved India firmly into the front ranks of the rapidly growing Asia Pacific region and unleashed the latent strengths of a complex and rapidly changing nation.

Today, India is one of the most exciting emerging markets in the world. Skilled managerial and technical manpower that match the best available in the world and a middle class provide India with a distinct cutting edge in global competition. India is now riding on the wave of a gigantic boom in computer driven new economy. With improvements in the technical and artistic aspects India can well give a stiff competition to western productions. Indian culture is influencing the western world in dress, food and festivals.

The Indian Diaspora is increasing in economic prosperity and status. India has a promising future, given the unprecedented growth in economy. The 21st century could well belong to India if it fully utilize its resources and expertise i.e. the resources of manpower and local brands to name some.

Contributed By : ERAM HASAN is an M.A mass communication and journalism from Alagappa University 2008, Bachelors in Arts from Lucknow University in 2002. P.G. diploma in Advertising and Marketing from Amity School Of Communication, Noida. Working for 4 ½ years as Lecturer for Advertising, brand, Event Management with Amity School of Communication lko. [email protected]

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