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Job Prospects & Career Opportunities with Advertising Agencies


In this modern day and age, the consumer is constantly surrounded by advertising of some sort or the other. Product manufacturers use this tool extensively to catch the attention of prospective customers and push sales of their products. It is no wonder then that the Advertising Industry is constantly growing and creating jobs for highly talented people who can think out-of-the-box and come up with fresh, innovative ideas.


Advertising agencies are those independent entities who help Companies to touch base with their consumers and put their message across using the various tools of media like Print, Radio, Television, and the Internet.

Both big and small Advertising Agencies look for creative and goal driven individuals to join their team at various levels. The goal of every company remains the same; to create a remarkable ad campaign for their client that meets their overall marketing objectives and fits within their budget. Leaving an impact on the audiences for a long time to come is a means of pushing sales of products & services.

Jobs & Careers in Advertising 

Advertising Agencies prefer those individuals who have a creative bend of mind, can think independently but work well in teams. To pursue a career in advertising, you must be highly goal-driven and work well under time pressures. Since this industry is very competitive, you must be willing to give your best at all times to make a successful career.

Let's take a look at some of the exciting & profitable career options within the various departments of an Advertising Agency / Advertising Industry -  

Want to Work With an Advertising Agency? Jobs & Careers in Advertising

  Creative Department Jobs within an Advertising Agency: The creative department is responsible for brainstorming, planning and combining ideas to create the actual advertisements.
  • Creative Director: is responsible for overseeing and managing the overall responsibilities of the creative department. Usually an experienced person with a creative bent of mind.

  • Copywriter / Junior Copywriter: can also be called a wordsmith - a person who can create magic with innovative use of words. The Copywriter is responsible for transforming ideas into words, writing the body copy for advertisements, etc.
  • Art Director is an artist with strong visualization & drawing skills. An art director oversees the work of graphic artists. In some smaller agencies, the Art Director takes the complete responsibility of designing and converting ideas into awe-inspiring visuals within an ad - from ad layouts to storyboarding and compilations. 

Business / Client Servicing / Account Services - Jobs with Ad Agencies - This department plays a significant role in generating business and handling various accounts of Advertising Agencies.

  • Account Manager: The Client Servicing department forms the link between the client and the advertising agency. The Account Manager is the face of the ad agency and is responsible for understanding the clients' needs and expectations. Next, the Account Manager's job is to communicate with his agency what the client needs from the agency, making the job of the Account Manager very crucial. The Account Manager must be a level headed person with strong communication skills and a pleasant personality.

Research & Media Planning Department - Careers within an Advertising Agency - This department is responsible for picking out the best combination of media tools for broadcasting the advertisements.

  • Media Planner: selects an optimum mix of media vehicles that will provide maximum visibility to the ads resulting in maximizing sales of the client's products. The media planner must have a thorough understanding of the client's products, target customers, and their buying patterns along with a knowledge of each media vehicle.

  • Researcher: The market research department / executives have the responsibility of researching and studying consumer buying patterns and behavior. This individual must be able to analyse data and information resulting from customer surveys and other analytical studies.

An attractive & exciting career field, the advertising industry offers plenty of opportunities to individuals who are highly energetic, innovative and creative. You can join an advertising agency at the entry level, as an intern / trainee or a freelance copywriter or designer, etc.

Contributing Author: Akanksha is a freelance content writer. An Advertising graduate, she writes Research based Articles on topics ranging from content writing, travel, home improvement, etc. [email protected]

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