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Advertising, a Game Changer

We wanted to test the power of advertising with a live experiment at our office place. So, a few days back, we invited a few different gender people from different walks of life between the age group of 15-65 from the same city, to our agency.


We made them sit in a hall and placed 2 sets of bathing soaps in front of them on a table. Each one was then called upon to choose one of them based upon their preference. We had named the sets A and B. While A was packaged in bright red and off-white colour with a picture of a mother and child printed on it with a health slogan, the B was wrapped in a plain and thick paper with a photo of sheep on it.

From a set of 15 people, the results were obvious. A was picked up by 14 people. I.e. the result was 93.3% in favour of A.

The reasons for picking a were simple. A had better packaging & labelling. A was hence the winner despite of both products being the same.

This reiterates that a good advertising differentiates tremendously and hence the emphasis has to be there to tap the target consumer. It definitely is a game changer.

Contributed By :  Shammi Kapoor, Brass & Copper Advertising, Yamunanagar [email protected]

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