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Creativity in the Advertising Industry

What is Creativity?

It is not about doing extraordinary things simply, it is about doing simple things extraordinarily. Why is it that a simple toy like Frisbee still captures everyoneís attention? It is not because itís great; it is because itís charmingly simple. The same applies to the field of advertising.

You donít need to be bursting with creativity all the time; you just have to look at things in a new way. Creating something imaginative from scratch is not a job that requires you to have an IQ that would shame Stephen Hawking, it is about exploring the unexplored and exploring requires passion and dedication. I am not saying that you donít need creativity. What I am trying to put through is that just having a brain is not everything; you need to know how to use it to create something brilliant and not necessarily complex.

Churning up new ideas for advertisements is a job that should be handled with interest and passion. I believe creating is an art and you should treat your work like a canvas, slowly filling in colors to build the bigger picture. If you are not passionate about what you create, you will end up creating something that will take the fun out of the job. Enjoy doing what you do because only then will you truly create something worth remembering.

Take every assignment like itís your first. Donít start jumping around at the idea you think will blow everyone away. Always take into consideration that there will be quite a few setbacks along the way.


A Career in Advertising

is not always a smooth ride. What might me great for you, may well be the exact opposite of what the client desires. Creativity is as much about changing track as it is about making tracks. Analyze what is required from the ad. Is it print or television? Will the client be willing to see something that is completely different from what they want?

All these things factor into your whole creativity theory. Look closer at the goals that are to be achieved through the advertisement. What is it that will really convey what you want to put through- a picture, words or even nothing at all?

Yes, different ways exist to say the same thing and herein lies the inherent creativity that will decide what is truly required. But remember, it is more about what you say than how you say. If your idea isnít clearly worked out, it will not work even if itís first page or primetime.

Different ideas exist on the nature of creativity in advertising. Some say it is inherent. Some say it is developed through experience. What I say is that a really creative person would be one who will handle these challenges and come out on top with something beautiful, to the point and of course- simple. 

Contributed By : Anirudh Bishnoi, I am about to do my graduation from Panjab University, Chandigarh. [email protected]

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