Uses of Conferences & Conventions

Types, Uses & Objectives of Conferences and Conventions for Organizations


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Useful Tools - Conferences & Conventions

The modern day business world is all about communication. Whether we talk about businesses, organizations or Companies, all of them need to be communicate with each other and their setup.


What is a Conference?

A Conference is a group meeting conducted according to an organised plan. The basic idea of holding a conference is to develop and disseminate knowledge and understanding. Through oral participation, the members that form a part of the conference pool their ideas and experiences in solving particular problems.

Sometimes a conference may be broken down into smaller groups. Each group discusses, debates and analyzes a certain sub-topic and then reports back to the main group which is governed by a leader.

For the Conference to be successful, proper planning is required. Under the leadership and guidance of the team leader, a conference proceeds through different stages.

Uses & Benefits of a Conference

Besides idea generation and brainstorming on problems, conferences help organizations by doing the  following -

  • Supervisory training or training of marketing and sales executives as well as the middlemen and their sales force.

  • Meetings, conferences, or conventions specially designed for distributors, retailers or traders from time to time.

  • Information on new products shared with distributors and traders as well as discussions on problems and difficulties faced by them.  


Three main types of Conferences / Conventions

Directed Discussions - The trainer guides the discussion towards explaining facts, principles, and  concepts.

Training Conferences - Trainer enables the group to pool its knowledge and past experiences.

Seminar Conferences - Answers are found to questions and solutions to problems.

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