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Catchy & Memorable Advertising Slogans & Jingles - Indian Advertising Industry


Slogans and Jingles form an essential part of the advertising industry. The main role of an advertising slogan or radio jingle is to create an identity for the brand.

Once the catchy slogan or jingle becomes popular, it further leads to brand recognition and services as a reminder for the target audiences. A lot of effort goes into brainstorming and creating an advertising slogan / tag line / jingle for a brand / product. The creative tag line must fall in place and gel with the overall marketing efforts and corporate identity of the brand being advertised and promoted.

Over the years, it has been seen that certain advertising campaigns have been a huge hit with its target audiences. People, till date, relate to the brand through its catchy and creative ad slogan . jingle. Such is the power of creativity!

Here are a few of my all time favorites - radio jingles, advertising slogans and tag lines - I can't help but relate these brands with their creative one liners -

  • Gagan Vanaspati - "Khao Gagan, Raho Magan"
  • Complan - "I'm A Complan Boy - I'm A Complan Girl!"
  • Tomato Ketchup - "Ketchup Hoga Kaddoo Bhara, Isme Kaddoo Nahi Zara"
  • Lijjat Papad - "Kharram Khurram, Khurram Kharram - Mazedar Lazedar Swaad Swaaad Mein Lijjat Lijjat Papad"
  • Nirma Detergent - "Nirma Detergent Tikiya - Iski Jhaag Ne Jadu Kar Diya - Paani Mein Rah Kar Bhi Ye Kam Gale Dheron Kapde Dhoye Aur Zyada Chale"
  • Hawkins Pressure Cookers - "Hawkins Ki Seetee Baji, Khusboo Hi Khushboo Udi, Mazedar Lazedar Khana Hai Tayyeyar - Murg Musaalam, Muttar Paneer, Kheer Aur Dum Aloo"
  • Uma Falls - "Uyii Maa Nahi, Uma - Uma Falls"
  • Texla Tv - "Texla TV Jab Se Aaya, Sabke Mann Mein Texla Hi Chaya"
  • Mentos - "Dimaag Ki Batti Zala De"
  • Sprite - "Clear Hai!"
  • Coke - "Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola", "Piyo sar utha ke"
  • Saffola - "Abhi to main jawan hoon"

Contributed By :  Akanksha is an Advertising graduate and enjoys writing Articles on advertising, HR, Home Improvement etc.  Have you noticed an error? Let me know -  [email protected]

Do you have a favourite advertising slogan or Jingle? Write to me with your own all-time-favourites and I will include them here!

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