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Can Advertising Alone Make a Brand Successful?

Advertising occupies a vital position in the promotion mix of any brand. I am not going to reiterate the Importance of Advertising or the Role of Advertising Agencies in promoting the brand as I have talked about it in many of my previous articles on Advertising. We know that advertising is very useful and a highly regarded marketing, brand building and promotion tool. No one can deny it!

However, what gets me thinking today is the question – Can advertising alone make a brand successful? Agreed – advertising campaigns create a positive impression of the brand in the minds of the customers and make them realise their inherent need for a product. It also arouses their interest in knowing more about the brand and pushes them to try out the advertised product. However, once a new brand / product has been launched in the market through effective advertising and the customer has purchased it, a lot more is needed to keep the customer loyal to the brand (& its other products). Heavy expenditure on advertising is not enough to convince him /her to continue using the brand.  


Customer Perception of Brands

Most Companies today manufacture a diverse portfolio of products that they sell under one brand name. If a customer is dissatisfied with one product of the brand, he / she is most likely to avoid buying another product of the same brand - a warning sign for all Companies.

No matter how much you spend on advertising once you lose the trust of a valued customer, no amount of fancy advertising and brand building can persuade them to try out another product of yours. I am speaking from experience!

I recently purchased a television of a well-known brand and in a span of two years from its purchase, I encountered several problems with the TV – some to do with its picture tube while other problems related to its picture display and power supply. Adding fuel to the fire was my experience with their customer support people which wasn’t much to talk about as well, as I tried to arrange for a timely engineer visit. 

Needless to say, I vowed to myself never to buy any other product of this brand. Even now, when I see their full page ads in the newspaper, I wonder why they choose to spend so much money on advertising instead of paying attention to the quality of products they are shipping out to their customers and the quality of their services!

According to me,
here are just some of the essentials any manufacturer / advertiser / Company should pay attention to if they want to make their brand truly successful for a long time to come and create a loyal customer base -

  • Pay attention to the quality of your products. Make sure that substandard or defected products do not reach your customers.

  • Before spending hugely on advertising, consider checking the quality & dependency of your dealers. After all, your dealers represent your Company and if they are not trustworthy, what kind of an impression does that create for you?

  • Hire such customer support people who know their job well and try to solve the customer’s query quickly and efficiently.

  • Care for your customers and they will stay loyal to you.

Companies need to realize that lack of proper and timely customer help and support will tarnish their name across their entire product range.

Contributed By : Akanksha is a freelance content writer. An Advertising graduate, she writes Research based Articles on topics ranging from content writing, travel, home improvement, etc. [email protected]

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