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Skills Needed To Be In An Advertising Agency - Scope, Challenges & Difficulties


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What it Takes to be in an Advertising Agency?

Being a part of a reputed Advertising Agency is treated as a very lucrative and challenging career option. The talented youths of today consider advertising as a very glamorous profession. They feel advertising gives them the opportunity and freedom to express themselves in a better manner.

In today's competitive environment companies are trying to reach their Target Audience with effective communication strategies and for this they are resorting to different advertising agencies to assist them in this regard. Advertising Agencies are also on the lookout for trained and talented manpower to join their team.



Scope with in an agency and Qualities to be possessed:

Ad agencies offer a lot of scope to talented young star coming from diverse background. In order to be a part of an agency team one should have a clear conception about the business of advertising and how an agency functions. Depending on an individual's talent, interest and aptitude he/she can join the Creative department either as a Copy Writer, Visualizer or Layout artist. If somebody is interested in exercising his/her managerial skills (after completing MBA) and take part in Strategy formulation then Account Service & Management department is the place for them.

Apart from these one can get involved in the Media department and play an important role in Media Planning, Buying and Execution jobs.

Positive aspects & Challenging Issues

Working with a National and reputed advertising agency means a lot of positive things to talk about like a Challenging job, Growth prospects, Fat Pay packets with incentives, chances of meeting the legends of advertising, engaging in parties, taking part in National and International advertising award functions like the ABBYS, CANNES etc.

It would be really unfair if we ignore the other side of the coin where we see working with an ad agency can also mean "SLAVE OF HOURS" it's not a 9 to 5 job if required one should be prepared to come to work even on Sundays. Other challenging issues involve constant pressure of meeting deadlines generating Stress, tendency of "PASSING THE BUCK", BACK STABBING etc. All these may lead to problems in one's personal and professional life.

How to deal with it? To cope up with this extremely challenging situation and eventually come out on top of it one should always try to master the art of Balancing. Maintaining the right balance between Personal life and Professional life and sticking to one's core Values is the Magic Key to Success.

Contributing Writer: Supriyo Patra - Faculty Department of Management & Communication, George College Kolkata 1st class 1st MBA with 5 years of experience in national and Multinational Ad Agencies. Presently faculty department of Management & Communication. [email protected]

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