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Role of Advertising Agencies - Duties & Responsibilities

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Role of an Advertising Agency


Advertising is a vast and highly competitive industry occupying a crucial position in most developing and developed economies. With a plethora of brands on offer, the need to inform, persuade and convince the customer is becoming increasingly important. And this is where the tools of Advertising and Advertising Agencies that use this tool step in! 

What is an Advertising Agency? An Advertising Agency or ad agency is a service provider that works for clients to create an efficient and goal-oriented advertising campaign aimed at representing the Company positively in the eyes of its target customers.

Businesses hire advertising agencies to connect with their target customers. In the face of stiff competition, every Co / brand wants to break through this clutter and create a favourable space for itself. Ad agencies help clients to do just this by creating attention grabbing, persuasive and unique ad campaigns that make the brand stand out in the minds of customers. Jobs & Career Opportunities with Advertising Agencies

Duty & Role of Advertising Agencies:

What does an Advertising Agency Do?

A plethora of Businesses, Corporations, Government Organizations and Non-Profit set-ups hire advertising agencies  to advertise their products, brands and services to present and prospective customers.

#1 Understand the Product / Company: An advertising agency begins by getting well acquainted with the client's goals, products & target audience. This knowledge proves beneficial in planning and creating an effective advertising campaign.


#2 Plan & Create an Advertising Campaign: Once an advertising agency understands its clients' needs, the process of brainstorming and planning begins. Keeping in mind the client's goals (that can range from

  • pushing sales of its products and services

  • introducing new products in the market

  • reiterating its brand's benefits

  • attracting new customers or keeping in touch with old ones.

The advertising executives work towards creating an efficient advertising campaign (a single or a series of attention grabbing and unique ads) which is within the client's marketing goals and budget. It includes creating interesting slogans, attractive jingles and attention-grabbing body copy for advertisements. The client has the final word and may ask for rework.

#3 Strategize: Some Companies like to outsource their overall marketing responsibilities to advertising agencies. In such a case, the ad agency takes over the process of brand building, strategizing and pushing sales through other promotion techniques like sales promotions, etc.

Advertising Agencies vary in size in India & abroad - from a couple of people handling all responsibilities to a medium or large sized organization that hires specialized professionals to function each department. Most Full Service Ad Agencies are well equipped to plan and create advertising campaigns for a range of media including TV commercials, Radio jingles, print advertisements, etc. Depending on the budget, client's select their agency.

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