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Anaesthetist - Dept.of Anaesthesia - Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu


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Date: 17th March, 2008

Job Description: Assistant Professor (M.D. Anaesthesiology with or without teaching)

Salary: Rs.18600-720-36600 = Gross Rs.26040/-

Associate Professor (M.D. with 5 years teaching experience)
Salary: Rs.28800-900-51300 = Gross Rs.41760/-

Professor (M.D. with 9 years teaching experience)
Salary: Rs.31200-960-55200 = Gross Rs.45240/-

Plush accommodation will be provided in all posts

The Dept. of Anaesthesia at C.M.C Vellore is the best centre, training and experience wise in the Austral-Asian subcontinent. We attract a lot of Anaesthetist from various parts of the world to enrich us with their collective experience. Those trained and worked with us have all been well placed all over the world. Hence we have vacancies at regular intervals. We have 30 simultaneous operating procedure areas of basic and super-speciality surgeries inclusive of Liver transplants. "Study Leave" abroad will be granted at Asst. Prof level after 2 years of work. Placements leading to a degree/fellowship abroad will be done by the department, these are mainly in U.K, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hongkong.

We have 20 vacancies
in each of these respective posts and any number filled is not enough. We can employ upto 150 Anaesthetist in our department.

Location: Vellore, Tamlinadu

Duration: 8 hours

Disclaimer: We are not responsible in any way for any consequences of you applying for this job. Please do so at your own will.



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