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Note: This is an Archived Job. Click here for more Latest Part Time Jobs India

Marketing Consultants

Date: 2011

Job Description: A Marketing Consultant for The Ablegates is a freelance position that entails promoting The Ablegates products and services whenever and wherever possible including on relevant forums, web sites, word-of-mouth, through BTL activities, social network, seminars, visits to IELTS training institutes, direct marketing, visits to relevant events and other forms of solicitation. At no time does The Ablegates permit or condone influencing current or potential clients by providing false information, unethical practices, promoting through false reviews or misleading current or potential clients in any way.

Scope of Work
You are expected to:
• Influence and convert foreign education aspirant to buy The Ablegates services by suitable counselling
• Collect the Admissions assistance and Visa processing fee and deposit it into The Ablegates Account
• Collect leads of prospective customers
• Promote The Ablegates services through:
o Presence at relevant events including but not liming to education fairs, other IELTS events, school functions, college fests etc.
o Attend / Deliver Seminars to prospective customers for promotion of our services
o Social marketing – Explore opportunities of promoting The Ablegates services in your social network
o Organise BTL activities including but not limiting to roadshows, social events, handouts etc. in your area
o Explore possibilities of tieups and alliances with organisations/bodies for The Ablegates branding or generating leads
o Promoting our services through suitable word of mouth approach
o Visits to IELTS training institutes for soliciting end customers
o Direct marketing to the prospective customers
o Any other form of solicitation

Location: North India
Duration: Flexible
Contact: Manish Joshi

Disclaimer: We are not responsible in any way for any consequences of you applying for this job. Please do so at your own will.




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