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Advantages of Pre-Scheduling Blog Posts & Updates

Making Life Easier by Scheduling Blog Posts to be Published in the Future

An important prerequisite of running a successful business blog is regular and timely content posting. Your blog can attract readers & followers only when it offers high value consistently. Search engines also favour those websites and blogs which are updated with fresh, well written & original web content, regularly.

This makes it extremely important to focus on two things -

  • The quality & nature of content you wish you publish on your blog / website
  • The frequency of content posting.

By planning and prioritizing, you can find time for all your content marketing efforts & make sure that efforts pay off in the long run. Here’s a tool that can help you meet your goals -

Scheduling blog posts for the future is an ideal feature available in platforms like WordPress & Blogger that helps you to save draft versions of your posts online. Instead of publishing them immediately, you can schedule posts to be published automatically on the pre-set dates that you specify. What’s more, the Schedule Post feature is also available on Facebook! This helps you to select a date and a time in the future on which your update will be published.

On the blogger website, there is an option called Schedule. To schedule the post on a different date, click on Schedule – Set Date, Time. Once you have set a date and time of your choice, press Publish. This post will appear on your blog on the scheduled date & time.

Here are some benefits of scheduling multiple blog posts for publishing in the future –



1. Supports your Creative Outbursts:

Every writer knows how difficult it is to fight a writer’s block. However, there are also those productive days when you’re feeling highly motivated to write. The pre-scheduling feature is ideal for such days!

All you need to do is login to your content management platform, write multiple blog posts and save them. Later, you can schedule these posts for publishing on later dates.
Additionally, you can also jot down headings or topics for future posts as drafts, thus, doing full justice to your creative outbursts.

2. Helps Maintain Continuity:

Another great advantage of this feature is that it helps you maintain continuity and flow of high quality content on your blog despite facing unproductive days when you completely lack the motivation to write.

Once you start scheduling posts for the future, you can make sure that your writer’s block does not interfere with your content publishing targets.

3. Offers Tremendous Flexibility:

Say you’ve suddenly taken ill or have planned an impromptu short vacation with your family. If you’ve made use of the pre-scheduling feature, there is no need to feel guilty or worried about not updating your blog. Your readers won’t know the difference since you would have written and saved enough posts and scheduled them to publish automatically through the course of your vacation!

Now that you know the benefits of scheduling posts for the future, start using it instantly and see the difference it makes to your content publishing targets!

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