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Time management: Wealth of Life


Time is the greatest wealth given to all. -Yudhhistra in Yaksha samwad (Mahabharat)

Time as we know can change our destiny. We all have good times and bad times. All of us want to have good time. However, Law of nature compels us to go through bad or hard times. How can we remain happy forever? The answer lies in time management. Proper use of time management can change hard times into good.

Time management, in simple words, means coordination of your work. For example, you may need five minutes to brush your teeth. Nevertheless, misuse of time may take more than ten minutes. How does it happen! Because we do not coordinate our work. Most of us without concentrating on given task will misuse it for another work.

However, many of us complain that we do not have time. Many go to an extent of proclaiming, we need 48 hours in a day. It is funny because even that will not be sufficient for us. Because even then we will misuse our time. Time management in simple words is like bank account. Every moment used to do something good supports your next action while misuse means hampering another acting.

Simple Tips for Time Management -

One task at a time: Never indulge in another activity while doing something. If you are having meal, enjoy it but not while conversing with others.

Never indulge in loose talk: Yes, many of us waste our time in loose talk. No more self-adulation, whining or demeaning others. These things take way our valuable time.

Stick to your time: Time is like money. If you want to perform something, then try doing it in limit.

Assessment: If you think, commuting to your office takes fifty minutes, then add ten minutes extra to it. It saves you from other commitment.

Priority: Always try to complete the more important task in hand.

Delegate; if there are tasks that can be done by others, please seek their help. This may save your time. However, do not forget to thank your collaborators Time management comes by practice. It is a habit. If you adopt it forever, you may gain immense prosperity.

Article by: Ashish Dimri, MA(Mass Comm.) is journalist cum webcontent writer. Motivating others is his passion He feels that we all gifted to heal a broken heart.





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