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Success Is A Whole Lot Like Cooking


Never give in.. never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in - Winston Churchil

We often try our expertise in cooking at our homes, when we become forced bachelors or just for a fun and we somehow managed to make some items, which we think are edible and tasty, leaving alone what others think about our cooking. It is very necessary for us to know one or two tricks of cooking at the time of emergency, otherwise we have to keep happy with the water and biscuits for the breakfast, though we will somehow mange to have our lunch/dinner from hotels or guest houses or such other arrangements.

It is a fact that we can not match our tricks with the ladies, as they are doing this regularly, however sometimes we can amaze them by our own tricks as well, for which we have to put our wholehearted efforts to pass the test for atleast one dish. I am also an amateur cook, often experiment in cooking at my home, I can make some south Indian dishes, without attracting much criticism from any corner.

When see the cooking techniques, the main thing is that you have to know or have to have the idea as to what is to be added and how much and at what time, so that at the end, it becomes a decent dish, if the taste is fine, a piece of appreciation you can have from the guests. I often watch such programs on TV (Planet and Living Channel), where I watched a cooking contest recently. The competition was not so difficult – to make a cake, the rules were simple: Raw Materials + Ingredients + heat + Presentation. More than 150 contestants participated and spent hours over the gas to produce the winning item, but only one was selected as the champion, an American, who was happily waved his hands to the crowd when he was handed over the trophy and a winning cheque for Rs.10000/-.

As I watching the winner, I got to thinking that this event was really an example of life success. What I could see, at the beginning of the competition, each of the 150 competitors had to make a cake, of which ingredients were inspected earlier and be assured to nearly identical to all the other entries. The ingredients were constant. All of the grills were also inspected to ensure that they were all on the same size and quality. So the heating agent was all the same, too, for these 150 competitors. The only thing that was left up to the chefs’ imaginations and creativity was the seasoning and basing methods that they used. Each one of these chefs guarded their secret seasoning recipes, but when you really look at it, most of the seasoning recipes consisted of mostly the same ingredients as well.


If all the raw materials used in the preparation of the cake were the same and the ingredients are almost the same, then how did only one become the winner? From my cooking experiences, I knew that it was not really the ingredients that made the champion, but rather the know-how and the skill of adding those ingredients well, when and what and how they mix with one another to create the most tasty and mouthwatering piece of cake that even the judges wished to have a piece or two.

It came down to the chefs’ knowledge of how to mix the ingredients and how to decorate the cake, so that there were no missing pieces, or how to keep the temperature just right, so that the cake would not bumble up during the grilling process.

And of course, the concluding part is that the winners always know that even the tastiest cake would not be as tasty without proper decoration and presentation. If we thought about all these factors when began to apply these principles of cooking to life and how success is created. Think yourselves, what a crazy and innovative idea! What does an American chef has to do with your teachings on success and motivation?”

Just as the competitors all started off with the same ingredients, you can make the claim that in life, most of us start off pretty much the same in terms of human potential, credentials, qualifications, opportunities. Of course, there are those who are geniuses, or have the genes to play professional cricketers like Sachin Tendular and Dhoni or Soccer stars like Christiano Ronaldo or Ronaldinho, but in general, most of us are borne with the same ingredients in us, but some of us, like the above chef, apply our potential to become somebody else than us – a Winner – think what is difference in them that we do not have, the application of the mind and presentation of ourselves when the opportunity comes.

All of us have our own strengths and weaknesses to deal with. If we go through various experiences of the successful and the not so successful, we could discover that successful people are able to take their raw abilities, strengths, weaknesses and through their own motivating forces, but able to transform their dreams into concrete reality. This is all the same in winning in a cooking competition and succeeding in life.

Contributing Writer: Satish Nair

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