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How To Make A Career & Stay Enjoyable?


Choosing a career nowadays is very difficult and it is one of the most important and significant decisions an individual has to make. For many of us it may be because of lack of guidance and proper direction. Career planning is a critical time, as you move from high school to college: college to work place and you will face enormous challenges in this world with its frenetic activities, its spirit of increasing competitiveness, and its drive to succeed.

When you choose a Career you are now on your own, facing constant change, new environments, and new friends. You're exposed to varied new ideas, cultural adjustments and the ever-present challenge to excel.

To many of you will come a complete change of lifestyle as you leave home and country: seeking greener professional pastures abroad. This can be the turning point in every individual's life. Hence, it is vital that much thought and care is taken before making a choice. Various factors are significant in determining one's success in professional life.

Change is inevitable, why not accept and use it to our own advantage. Our future success and the quality of life depend on the choices we make now. Most situations can be seen from more than one perspective. Ask questions to self to see things from a new perspective. May be it will take some time to build the habit of finding a new positive perspective. When we are happy and growing we generally have a positive view of things, which means learning about something new. It also means learning more about the organization, its policies, cultural differences, people working with them. This can help the workplace more enjoyable and help one to improve their performance and career progression.

Every occupation requires certain specific aptitudes. The works that we are most likely to enjoy are the work that uses our aptitudes. Aptitudes or special abilities are natural talents. Aptitude is an inborn propensity of an individual to acquire certain skills, which are highly stable for longer periods. Another aspect is competency, which refers to our overall capability to perform a particular task or activity. Different nature of job require different level of competency. Before taking up a job it is important to keep in mind the competency requirement. Strive to acquire new competencies to stay ahead.

Keep your goal constantly within view. When you write down your goal you make a permanent commitment to yourself. Then despite ups or downs, encouragement or failure, your written word keeps you totally focused. Success comes to those who let nothing come between them and what they intend to achieve.


Interaction with like-minded, positive-thinking people will encourage and challenge you. Competition is a stimulation you need to spur you on to greater efforts. Be a "people person". Always remember what you give you get back. An open relationship and sharing the company or group's vision, will meld all of you into a unit; striving for the company's best. And that's success. Successful people are very time conscious. So plan your day in definite time frames. Slot in Study. Exercise. Prayer. Healthy eating habits. Leisure time. Social time. Enjoy Nature. Get enough sleep. As important as your personality are your interests, for it is interest in a particular activity that makes you self-motivated, makes you more productive and makes you put in your best.

 Interest would determine one's total involvement in the job. Although interests depend to some extent on one's personality, interests can also be developed. Once an individual knows one's aptitudes, he or she may be able to develop new interests based on the aptitudes.

To conclude, choosing a career and stay ahead is like managing a successful family life. Learn from your wife. Update your competencies.

Contributing Writer: George Joseph

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