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Enhancing Lifestyles through Spirituality & Prayers


In this fast moving world of today, there is no time for any constructive thought or action. Each and every person is involved in making more money and coming first in the rat race. Due to this trend, the core of existence and essence of living is fast losing its true meaning.

When this happens, the only thing that really helps is absolute submission to God and true reliance on the Almighty through prayer.

It is truly said that prayer needs no speech. You can relate to God at every step in life through good or bad times.

You can talk to God and let him know whatís bothering you and believe me when I say from first-hand experience, that he does listen and answers.


You can sail through rough waters in the river of life just by fully depending on Godís help.

Whether you are alone or in a crowd, you can easily call God on your mental phone line. Believe me; he will always answer your call.

His cell is never switched off and you can always reach him.

So, starting today, make God your best friend and confidante and make your life both, meaningful and powerful.

Contributed By: Amita Sinha, a homemaker, she loves to write articles on Spiritualism. Have a writing job for her? Write to her

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