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Self Introspect to Remove Confusion - says Management & Inner Reality Will Remove All Confusion - says GITA

GITA - To know God is to be God, not to see God, to see God, implies duality, the relationship of one who sees and that which is seen, implies no relationship, whatsoever only fusion of the ray with is sun, is the highest level of self introspection and spiritual unity.

Management - Most of us are in trouble because we are confused between -

Good and Bad
Likes and dislikes
Do's and Don'ts
Friends and Enemies
The list continues

The main reason for Confusion

C- Clarity in thinking is absent
O- Observation is not clear
N- Neutral mind set is absent
F- False hopes and expectations
U- Universal Truth our mind will confuse and get confused
S- Strategic decision making is absent
I- Impulsive decisions are predominant
O- Our judgments are not clear
N- Negative views reach us fast

All the above mentioned problems are because of lack of self analysis many of us today move in this world , without even analyzing ourselves, a man is happy by saying that , I don't know when I will get anger, is this good sign , No, if a man is not able to judge his own self , how will he
Judge others.

Many times we will be confused due to false hopes and high expectations, the reason is, you build hopes and expectations on others, but the action affects you, what a duality, an action which affects you or appraises you should be yours, not others, the concept of Empathy is only in words, so we confuse ourselves for no reason of ours.

We confuse by miss judgments, again we build mental pictures about a person and by and large we take Characters and personality traits for granted, when you are not able judge you, how can you judge others Like wise we have the confusion syndrome spread all over the world

Ways to Eliminate Confusion


Make a self analysis and draft your own SWOT Create an environment where the personal relationship should never hinder

Organizational Priorities Instead of building expectorations, build productivity and empowerment Never get moved by one environment and take similar decision in another

Environment Judge people by the way they behave with under the relationship banner Quoted.

Never confuse yourself by over hearing things, a bad word passing through Rose will carry fragrance. THIRD EYE THIRD MOUTH THIRD EARS are the chief consultants for confusion, believe your senses

Yath Bhavam Thath Bavathi What you think, you will become, What you are, you will expect
From Confusion move to CLARITY - V.VA Sriram

Gita says there is no substitute for Hard Work

Bhagavan Krishna in the third chapter of GITA explains about Karma Yoga Man's Action, His work, Rituals, Thapas , Yagna and so on. Veda's incorporate methodologies to perform various actions , GITA says all these actions are done to please the almighty and during this process man can self evolve himself, but at the same time , all these actions should not give room to personal bias , selfish desires says GITA , Lord Krishna makes one statement very clear , people who have supreme knowledge and wisdom on the above facts ,has no rights to confuse the ordinary souls , normally he says any lecture in this regard to unknown leads to utter confusion in their minds, Krishna says for ordinary people Hard work alone can win bread and can win life , any action done with hard work , sincerity And commitment results in RIGHT Action.

Following are the Maxims of lord Krishna
Practice and Preach, Preach and Perform
Perform and Show the Process Flow, Some people will blindly follow you

When you teach people who follow you blindly, you will become their role model and whatever you do, will become their right action, because they don't know to differentiate between good and bad

Management Says Hard Work = Smart Work

The most common Technology Management Jargon is Smart Work. But how many of us know what is smart work, we are well known for quality work, Gita quotes don't confuse, smart work requires clarity and clear process, hard work requires steps, smart work requires, innovative ideas and lot of thinking , do we have time...., Hard work requires energy , results of Hard work evident to public, result of Smart Work a self satisfactory score, people are confused by the term Smart Work , they feel they should not tax themselves too much.....


Smart Work Management defines it as is Hard Work in a well defined way....Smart Work does not result in following things if we feel so we are wrong

Less Time, More Money, More Relaxation, More Energy Accumulation

Hard Work is not the following

More Time, More Energy Drain, Less relaxation

An Ideal Mix
Practice and Preach
Preach and Perform
Perform and Show the Process Flow
Some people will blindly follow

When you teach people who follow you blindly, you will become their role model and whatever you do, will become their right action, because they don't know to differentiate between good and bad

Now let me draw a line between GITA and Management
Hard Work quoted by GITA = Smart Work Quoted by Management
When the Hard Work has a clear Process, Procedures, People who preach this can do this, sets clear INPUT/OUTPUT level is = Smart Work , where the work flow is defined, Time is well managed, Principles are sound, systems are perfect, work is executed and evaluated then

I strongly feel There is no substitute for Hard Work

Contributing Writer: M. L. PANDIA, M.A, LLB, PGDPM. Author is working as DY. General Manager (P&A) With Birla Group Of Companies having more than 24 years of Practical experience in the field of HR, P&A and worked with many leading industrial houses across the country.


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